Saturday, September 12, 2009

Houston: Home of the BIG Billy Goat and the Gender Confused Rooster

There's plenty to see in the 4th largest city in the US, I'll say that for it. For example, the Pollo Feliz is not just a restaurant, it's a chain!
Tell me, exactly how happy (feliz) can a chicken (pollo) be if she's dead and grilled up as an entree?

Those chickens must be on some seriously potent antidepressants. I wonder if they got a shampoo and blow dry before the slaughter? Because you know, they say being well coiffed helps you feel your best.

Besides, that guy looks like a rooster to me. And darned if he doesn't look awfully perky for a happily gender confused dead grilled rooster too.

But that's not all! You can also buy goats and stuff (big billy goats!), right INSIDE the city limits and everything:I think that the gang graffiti on the sign testifies nicely to the urban environment, as does the bra that was lying in the road right near the sign:We also saw roadside praying offered on the way to school last week:Yeah, the shot's a little fuzzy but that's a guy offering praying by the side of the road. The sign reads like this:Leading us to the following conversation:
Me - Aren't we lucky you guys go to religious school and I work at a religious school so we don't have to pray by the side of the road? We can just pray at school.
Me - I need to turn around to get a picture.
Younger Gal - NOOOOO! Mama, people don't like it when you make fun of Jesus on your blog!!!
Me - I'm not making fun! I'm only slightly teasing! Surely Jesus can take a little teasing?
Younger Gal - The Jews sure can...
Me - Besides, this one ISN'T teasing OR making fun. With this post I can un-alienate all the people I alienated with the teasing.
(makes illegal u-turn in front of police car)
(turns into parking lot)
Me - This white van is STILL following me!
Younger Gal - Of COURSE it's still following you! You're going to its place!
And then of course I snapped the photos, which is soooooooooo much safer than texting and driving. And of course my kids were almost late for school. But that's just what happens when you live in a city with so many interesting sights.


  1. Maybe Felix is just a good philosopher and doesn't attach too much importance to earthly life?

  2. I was so confused by your comment at first, because my baby nephew's name is Felix! So I was all, "I didn't put a picture of that kid on this post, did I?!?!?!"

  3. It doesn't matter if the chicken is happy. What matters is that the people eating it THINK it's happy about it. It would be harder to sell "El Pollo Aterrorizado."

  4. Perhaps the rooster was never really happy as a rooster, and now he is enjoying a second life as something with the gender it prefers.

  5. Loraine - Yeah, you're probably right. I think it's the vegan radio show here that has a saying, "Every animal you eat was running for its life" or something like that. It would probably not go over well at the top of the menu or anything.

    Christine - Yeah probably so. Or maybe it's a cross dressing chicken.

  6. Where do you find this stuff, Jill??? Who loses their bra in the middle of the road? I'm sure there is more to this
    Hey, thx for the linkie to our blow-dry story! Good to spread the word about clean poultry!

  7. of course its following you! youre going to its place!!! -cassie

  8. It kind of looks like you live in the Third World.

  9. Since I started reading your blog I have found so many funny signs around Houston...I don't want to steal your gig or anything, but you just really opened my eyes to the hilarity.

  10. Thanks Janet! Yes, I figure there's a doozy of a story somewhere... I love the chicken shampoo & blow dry!

    :-) :-) :-) Sweet pea!

    A Free Man - I think it's just like except with more gang graffiti. :-) How soon after a hurricane do you have to wait to get your street signs back after a hurricane to qualify? Because it's a year now and we're still waiting. :-0

    Kristine - I'll bet there are enough in this city to go around! I always forget you're from here!

  11. While I can empathize with the concept of the "Happy Chicken", I offer the concept of a local chain called "El Pollo Loco". I can understand eating a happy chicken, but eating a crazy chicken...I mean seriously. It just goes to show that Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the US and GROWING fast!!!

  12. Thanks Alf!

    Bruce - Is that like a chicken with mad cow disease? I don't think I'd want to eat there either.

  13. Why are there so many crazy little prayer places out by you? LOL! It's too funny. I don't think the chicken on the sign should be happy at all.

  14. Ricardo - It takes a lot of praying to live in the fourth biggest city in the USA. Apparently. :-) :-) :-)