Friday, November 19, 2010

Taking photos while driving: possibly a more socially acceptable hobby than defending meth heads. I must have a good hobby around here somewhere...

When I started this blog, those two nice teenagers who you can see in the sidebar were a little younger than this:They've more or less grown up blogged. And so that must be why now, when My Boy accidentally knocks a shelf out of the refrigerator, my Sweet Pea's instinct is to run for the camera:
And what I end up hearing is that he knocked a shelf out, "but don't worry! I got pictures!" Far be it from her to leave spilled salsa undocumented - that's my girl!!

I was met with these wasps in the bathroom the other morning:It's a far cry from the rose petals I found last time, I tell 'ya!

I wish I could have gotten a better photo while I was driving, but here's a bunch of birds:
I don't just need a photography class, I need a photography-while-driving class. In fact, if Leisure Learning doesn't offer it, I might just have to start teaching it as an after school enrichment class.

Except, my preschoolers can't drive. But that's okay. Maybe my Sweet Pea can drum up some business for me at her high school. There are probably just oodles of teens all clamoring to learn to photograph spilled salsa while driving. I think.

In any case, that's about all I've got this week - it's been another busy one! Here's to a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone just in case I don't manage a Thanksgiving post!


  1. Taking photos will driving is AMAZING fun!!! I love your blog, I'm glad you wrote on mine because it brought me to yours :) I'm officially a follower!

  2. Wasps in the bathroom!! Aack!! Careful where you sit. I think I'd rather get pricked by rose thorns than wasps!

  3. I think I would rather find rose petals in the bowl instead of wasps. Who has the sweet pee that they are attracted too, Maybe your Sweet Peas teehee.
    Love your daughter for capturing the everyday or evidence photos :)

  4. Oh, gotta take notes on the rose petal toileting. Birds in formation, very spooky. I never trust things with wings overhead, especially in masses.

    I gave up on driving/photographing long ago, but I do make a heck of a paparazzi riding shotgun.

  5. Thanks Sara! One hobby out of two isn't bad! :-)

    Marlene - Yes, the roses were way better!

    Tracy - I don't think they landed there. I think they got an improper burial!

    John - Yeah, I've really got to get a chauffeur one of these days so I can focus more thoroughly on the photos!!!!! And I never saw that creepy bird movie, so I guess I'm safe. :-)

  6. Photos while driving - now that I can get behind. (sorry I came across so harshly on the whole meth thing). My children have not grown up blogged, but they have certainly had their fair share of photos and everyone in the family tends to point out photo
    opps anymore (husband included).

  7. facebook has robbed me of my spontaneous need to photograph everything for the blog....which is why my bloggin is rubbish nowadays. DAMN YOU FACEBOOK.
    You know, for a few seconds I actually thought The Guy romantically sprinkled the toilet with rose petals..............

  8. Nicki - Don't worry about the meth head thing! My blog is only to make people laugh, not to worry about whether or not they were harsh!! :-) :-) :-) My parents even send me blog pictures now! I need to do a blog post of guest pics!! :-)

    Arizaphale - I like to think he did. :-) :-) :-) But I think actually that the rose on the bathroom counter had shed, and The-Guy just tossed the fallen petals into the toilet.

  9. There is this popular game for iphones and Droids called Angry Birds try it and blog about it.

  10. Just remember it is all in the knees! While driving and taking photos. Also get lost in the subject you are shooting, especially when driving 65 MPR, so you can get a good shot. Do not let things like stop signs and speed limits deter you from that prefect image capture!

    Thanks for stopping by Jill, I am just now getting my blog on, from a long break. :)

  11. I take more photos when I'm blogging. One of the reasons I'm trying to get back in the habit.

  12. SJ - I know that has something to do with something. And whatever it was, I commented on it. But darned if I can find it now! I have actually heard of that angry bird thing though!

    Yay Roger and yay AFM!!!!!!!!! Yay!