Monday, January 10, 2011

Beware of Turtle

Let's see...mostly around here I'm just doing my school work and saying things like, "I'm never signing up for ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!!!!" and also, "I'M SO TIRED OF SCHOOLWORK!!!!"

And so it's a good thing "being a good role model" was not in my top three reasons for going back to school for my master's. Actually, I just remembered that I didn't really HAVE a reason, but It's too late to turn back now.

Here's a picture of That Sweet Pea O' Mine, learning to play the ukulele. It's not really so very difficult.Here's another bar mitzvah picture of my boy:In Texas, where it's totally permissible for any-ole'-body to carry a concealed handgun, what you really have to be careful about is the turtles. The turtles are so dangerous, they have to put up warning signs. See?
Here are some decorations downtown:

I'm sure this gift was a gigantic hit and kids are just a'thankin' Santa right and left. I bet kids near and far just couldn't even believe their eyes when they opened their stockings!
'Cause what kid wasn't dreaming of a flu shot for Christmas I wonder?

Well, back to my schoolwork. I'll be up for air sometime this Spring.


  1. Ohhh You crack me up girl, lol.
    I remember learning the ukulele in grade 6 and 7. I even made up my own tune ;) Yup multi talented, thats me, teehee.

  2. just wait till you run across a turtle holding a handgun...

    then you wont be so damn flip about it...

  3. I'm getting a picture of a turtle carjacking holiday shoppers, "All your flushot are belong to US!"

    It's GW's fault no doubt.

  4. Oh but Tracy you ARE multitalented!!!!!

    Funny Slyde! I'm sure you're right!

    Funny John! Yeah, that's got to be worse than actually getting a flu shot for a gift - getting your flu shot gift stolen. Actually no wait...that's BETTER!

  5. Totally reminds me of the huge snapper I saw trying to cross the road here last summer. I got out of the truck, because I was gonna move it. That was before, of course, I realized it had a tail and a nasty jaw. I stepped away really quickly when I saw this wasn't some harmless painted turtle!

  6. Your kids are gorgeous. Turtles need love too. That is all.

  7. Love the turtle sign - and that gift certificate for a flu shot! LOL!

  8. Who knew turtles were no dangerous? Fun shots. Be careful out there!;)

  9. We have signs like that here for koalas. Cos you gotta beware the Killer Koalas ya kno!

  10. Funny Marlene! I guess you needed a turtle warning too!

    Thanks Cid! Yours are pretty gorgeous themselves!

    Thanks Reds!

    Margaret - Not me! Otherwise I wouldn't have put one in a box and brought it into our temple that one time... I'll be more cautious in the future!

    Arizaphale - Y'know, I don't think koalas were even ON Cid's list of ways to die in Australia. That thing needs to be amended I think.

    Thanks Stephanie!

  11. Are you sure that sign is not to alert people of were to shoot the turtles. I kinda like Texas ;)

  12. Oh wait...maybe you have something there Roger. Except, according to Slyde the turtles are going to be shooting back!