Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Like Living in a Luxurious Hotel!

I used to have an elderly aunt who would declare (when speaking of the more or less okay skilled nursing institution where she lived):

"It's like living in a luxurious hotel!"

It was endearing and I wondered at the power of her rose colored glasses, although I've come to realize she might simply have meant, "I don't have to cook or clean."

You know what's REALLY like living at a luxurious hotel? Spending a couple of days in a luxury hotel.

And also? When you find out you have to fly halfway across the country on barely a moment's notice with a wheelchair bound 91 year old and a two month old infant, spend not quite 48 hours there, then return with the wheelchair bound 91 year old and SICK infant, a luxurious hotel is an incredibly awesome boobie prize.

It's impossible to describe the beauty of the La Jolla/San Diego area. Unfortunately, the only scenery picture I took doesn't quite capture it:

There were pelicans and dolphins and seals basking within easy reach of a camera. I only managed a photo of a piece of notebook paper someone shoved in a paper box. I don't know why.

Oh...except for that 91 year old and infant thing. I would have loved two free hands to put on the camera. Or even one, really. But here's baby in the courtyard of the luxurious hotel:

Just to update from my previous post: Yes. I WAS asked if she was a girl or a boy while she was wearing this cute pink and yellow ruffly blouse. But NOT while she was also wearing the hat.

I've also been asked if she was a girl or a boy while she was wearing this outfit. Notice she's in pink from head to toe:

So maybe she just has a cross dresser look about her. In any case, that's been our week - surprise travel and much gratitude both for luxurious hotels and for being back home.