Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here's the Blood for Vickie

It's been one of those weeks. You know that kind where you're just bewildered come Friday? I keep thinking, "Wow! I made it through another one! How on earth did that happen?!?!?"?

I did make it. I'm amazed. But my week was dominated by work stuff, which I understand is inadvisable to include in blogdom, only interrupted by an incredibly sad event which I can't really do justice on a blog.

So I'm going to borrow a story from my parents (Vickie and Donnie) instead. Dad told me this story almost two years ago, so I may have forgotten a detail or two.

Let me tell you, first of all, that this story takes place in the land before cell phones. It was back in the days when you had to coordinate and plan things ahead of time, lest you unknowingly eat dinner in the same restaurant at the same time as your spouse thinking you're being stood up. Yes, that really did happen to my mom and dad way back in the days before cell phones. But that's a different story.

In this story my dad is driving home one day along the interstate. He lives in Vermont, so naturally the views out his windshield are trees and mountains and wondrous.Dad's admiring the beauty out his window, maybe thinking about what he might have for dinner. Maybe daydreaming. The view is gorgeous, as always. For whatever reason, I forget why, he pulls over into a rest area. Again, he contemplates the view. In Vermont, even the rest areas are beautiful. Relaxed, he turns to open the door of his car. The side window, however, does not offer the same beautiful vista.

Instead, Dad is shocked to see the face of one of mom's coworkers through the window. "Here's the blood for Vickie!" says the man. He hands a vial of blood to my dazed father and leaves.

In case you're thinking my mother is a vampire or worse, she was actually a scientist in a lab at the time. Still, there was absolutely no way for this man to know my dad would be at the rest area and my mother's only explanation all these years later has been...

Yeah. She never offered any explanation. She's like that sometimes. Oh and happy Halloween by the way.

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  1. now there's an odd story...

  2. Happy Halloween.

    I would give you a vial of blood any day!

  3. Loraine - Isn't it though? The only thing I can think is that maybe he was on his way to my parents' house to hand deliver the blood when he happened to pass my dad's car, notice that it was my dad inside the car, fall behind his car, see him pull into the rest area...etc. etc. But who knows?

    Thanks SJ! Next time I'm in need of a vial of blood, I'll know just who to ask! And hope you had a happy Halloween!

  4. OOOOoooo, that is sorta creepy! You have got to get the real story out of your mom, if there IS a real story...

  5. There is random chance...then there is coincidence.....and finally, there is downright creepy.....

  6. Scientists are magic. There is your answer!

  7. And here is one more reason why I LOVE your blog, lol.
    Hope you're ok, ie: the sad story.

  8. Janet - I was kind of hoping that my mom would comment with the real story. Somehow it seems unlikely after all these years...but maybe!

    Bruce - Yeah, I'm not sure which one it is, either. And mom doesn't seem to be telling. Which makes it funny instead of creepy, I think. :-)

    A Free Man - But of course! Why didn't I think of that answer!

    Kerry - I'm ok on the sad story. There was a death in a family at our temple, a very, very nice family with kids that are just too young to have to lose their father, not that there's a *good* age for that. So (knock wood and all that) I'm fine, it's not about me at all and I don't even know why I put it except it was just kind of a hard week to think up "funny". But thank you for asking and thanks about your nice comment about the blog too!

  9. Holy crap....

    That is weird.

  10. She never offered an explanation??? You have to MAKE her tell you. Go now and find out. I want to know! Tell her I'm pregnant and really want to know - see if that helps.

  11. I used to work in pathology so I can tell you if a specimen has to get has to get there! He probably followed your dad home. I once got in trouble though for sending a taxi for a sperm sample from one of our western suburbs offices. Cost over $70.00 in 1985. Ooops. Still, we wouldn't have to ask the poor fellow to do it again now would we. Would we?
    Sorry you had a tough week. Think happy wedding thoughts.

  12. If I had a nickel everytime I stopped at a rest stop and someone offered me blood...yeah - I probably wouldn't have any nickels. That's just weird.

  13. Maureen - Yeah. :-0

    Alf - I'll mention your pregnancy next time I call. I'm sure that will break the years of silence... :-) :-) :-) (who knows? Maybe it really will!)

    Arizaphale - I hadn't really entered urgency into the equation....ummm...yeah...ummm...nope, still don't get how he stalked my dad so thoroughly. :-) :-) :-) Yes, happy wedding thoughts can be a great remedy for a variety of ills! Maybe we should just stay engaged... KIDDING!!!!!

    Too funny Kristine!

  14. OK scientific stuff or not it is still unusual but interesting to get handed a vial of blood.

    VT is supposed to be really nice. Would not live there s I need the city excitement and stuff but one hell of a getaway.

  15. Ricardo - Yes, and also blood or chopped liver or an essay on the origins of gorilla glue, I can't figure out how the guy happened to appear at my dad's window.

    Also there are places in Vermont that have night life. Well...Burlington, so maybe not so much "places" as "place". :-)