Sunday, November 08, 2009

Wedding Flowers and Pork Blood, both in the same post. Because those things go together. Obviously.

I found out that planning a wedding is pretty similar to planning a bat mitzvah. For both occasions I find myself asking with alarming frequency, "What is that?!? Do we HAVE to have that?!?!?"

Except, instead that being in response to a 12 year old making multiple requests, it's in response to another adult thinking up all sorts of things I never would have even thought of. Like flowers.

In an attempt to reverse traditional gender roles, The-Guy-Who-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken and I had this (fairly typical) conversation last night while talking about wedding preparations:
Him: Will we need flowers?
Me: Flowers?
Him: Yeah, you know, a wedding? Flowers?
Me: Do we have to have that?
Him: Well you'll need something to hold.
Me: Oh. Yeah. I guess I am supposed to hold flowers. You don't mean all over the tables though, do you? Because I think those are expensive. Wouldn't it be better to use that money to booze people up?
Except, that was probably the wrong answer. Because, after all, he is the one who commands the plants around here so I suppose he might actually WANT flowers. And what the heck, they are pretty.

We said all that last night on the way home from seeing Seth Walker at a house concert:He was either totally, totally awesome or I'm just easily impressed. And plus he said the words, "hip ass Quaker", which I've never heard all put together in one sentence like that.

No seriously, it was wonderful, especially for someone who is as big a fan of white guy blues as I am. He said there was a better description for his type of music than "white guy blues", but it involved many more words and didn't seem to really pinpoint it any better.

I would have fixed his red eye, but my computer is so old and tired that it barely even agreed to rotate the picture and post it, much less mess with it before hand.

I posted last week about stalker guy handing my dad blood at a rest area. But I never realized you could just walk right in to the grocery store and buy blood:So that must mean that enough people all over town are saying things like, "Honey could you pick me up a head of broccoli, a bunch of grapes, and a pint of blood?" to make blood worth keeping in stock.

Here's a picture of my cousin's dog. Ain't he the cutest?
And last but not least, here are two animals who were none too happy about us driving through their property:And so the moral of the story is, Seth Walker is even better in concert than his CDs. You can buy blood at the grocery store. And weddings are supposed to include flowers. That's what I learned this week.


  1. I fought against the flowers at the wedding, too. My mom won, though and flowers prevailed.

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to send my hubby to the store to pick up a pint of blood.


  2. When I read your post Jill, for some reason I feel as if I were walking down a yellow brick road. Sorry I have been away for so long! :-)

    Pork Blood?

  3. I have eaten pig blood.

    It is not good.

  4. Lara - I can't really imagine my mom caring if I had flowers or not. The-Guy might want them though. Hope your man remembered the blood! (WTH????)

    Yeah it's been awhile Roger! Stop by for some pork blood every now and again why don't you? :-)

    Christine - Why doesn't that surprise me? And that applies to either or both of your comments, btw. :-)

  5. You are serving pork blood at the wedding dinner? Is that what you are saying?

  6. Nice blog. Wedding flowers are success indicator to start new married life. Like your pig farm. Your blog looks perfect.

  7. SJ - I hear when you serve pork blood margaritas it cuts down on the bar tab...

    Flowers - Yeah, just like! Huh?

  8. Ahahaha! The most random string of things ever...

    and Pork Blood??? Okay that was just disgusting.

  9. Maureen - Yeah, my life has been pretty random lately too...

    And yeah, it sounds disgusting to me too, but apparently it sounds like food to others.

  10. No pork blood in my market. I checked. They do offer cow tongues and chicken feet. Probably pick it up at smaller butcher shoppes.

  11. I already knew all of this, except for the blood I am going to google for receipes that involved pork blood (unless of course, you have a strong VooDoo precense down there in Florida.)

  12. Maybe pork blood is for recovering vampires?

  13. All my wedding flowers were from my friend's garden.

    and what else can I say but... eeeewww. Pork blood. ghah.

  14. Nice blog on wedding flowers. Wedding flowers are success indicator to start new married life. Keep up the good work.

  15. You can buy pigs blood!?!? How strange. For what purpose. I have friends trying to get me to eat pork, I wonder if this is the next step. Getting me to drink it. :-/

  16. And you know what? To heck with the flowers if ya don't want them.

  17. John C. - Well that's a shame. You don't know what you're missing! And neither do I, thankfully.

    Bruce - Good luck! Let me know if you hit on I can...ummmm...WELL if you do make any interesting pork blood recipes, I'd post a picture if not try it myself. :-)

    A Free Man - I'll bet that's it!

    Loraine - That's a good idea, maybe I can get some flowers from our yard!

    Thanks Flowers. I think.

    Thanks Ricardo! And good luck holding out against the drinking pork blood! I hear it's really difficult not to seccumb to the peer pressure. :-) KIDDING!

  18. Merciful me. I'm just doing a little light blog hopping tonight and BAM! Ya hit me with pork blood! Don't even know what to

  19. :-) Very funny Janet!!!! :-)

  20. I am so behind at the moment. But the pork blood? Obvious. It's for Passover. You know, door jambs and the like.......
    Definitely go with flowers, they make the day...otherwise it's just a lot of people dressed up in a church/park/temple/synagogue/backyard. And the table decs give mother in laws or other enthusiastic relatives, something to do.

  21. Arizaphale - OH! I never thought of the enthusiastic relatives who need something to do angle... :-)