Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Chores R' Us...Or Chores R' Her at Least. I'm Not Really Such a Great Housekeeper as it Turns Out.

I've tried different programs for becoming a better housekeeper. I've tried the Fly Lady, I've tried Motivated Moms, and I've tried lists from Pinterest and trying to tackle one room a day. But the truth is, no matter what the program something else always seems more pressing.

The Beeb on the other hand is very devoted to her chores. She makes sure that as many pieces of clean laundry as possible are unfolded and grace the floor before being refolded and put into drawers.

She's committed to a perfect filing system for the CDs. She makes sure her filing is kept up to date at all times, especially if someone has needlessly put the CDs into that funny little bookshelf looking thing.

She goes through the diaper bag meticulously. She likes to make sure there's enough diapers, chomp on any paper she finds, and chew through any plastic. Also, she likes to make sure no cold packs have been left in there.

She's taken it upon herself to make sure all the items in the kitchen cupboards are spread out around the floor each day...

and that she helps with unloading the dishwasher. Only unloading though, never loading, regardless of whether the dishes are clean or dirty. And only onto the floor, obviously.

Often these chores have to be done multiple times a day. It's an ambitious job for someone who's almost a year old, but somebody has to tackle the housework around here. It obviously can't be left up to me. Happy almost Mother's Day to everyone!


  1. It appears that you have not heard of the term 'child-proofing' a home. There are whole stores devoted to it.

  2. Cutest little house elf ever! It is so hard when they are hell bent on making messes isn't it? I try to remind myself that this is how they learn about the world. Also, wine helps.

    Good thing she is so stinking CUTE!!

  3. Well, somebody gotta do it!

    Welcome back to blogland, stranger!

  4. Bruce - Hey! We have a baby gate!!!! :-) ;-)

    Thanks Cid!! It's true, there's a lot of learning going on in all that destruction. I do sometimes wonder why they come by the destruction part of the learning process so naturally yet never seem to have any interest what so ever in putting things back.

    Thanks Staci!

    Mark - Yeah, it's true. I tend to slip up way more than I should. She on the other hand never misses a single moment! (And yeah, I've had trouble finding blog time! Imagine when I go back to work!)

  5. Precious! Takes me riiiiiiight back! I always said that their desire to 'help' was always inversely proportional to their ability to help......
    She is extraordinarily beautiful however. Just saying. That picture in the all in one pjs....*sigh*

  6. Oh I hear you!! I know exactly how those little house elves do their jobs! great captures of yours! she is gorgeous!