Tuesday, November 15, 2022

50+ Picture Books That Can Help Teach Mitzvot

I'm not sure why I make these kinds of posts when I have actual stuff I need to get done (probably because I underestimate how long it will take me) but hopefully it will help someone besides just myself.  Probably not though since I don't optimize for Google and this will never show up in a search. But anyway...

Here are some picture books that can help support teaching various mitvot. Some may be more of a stretch than others. For example Mama Don't Allow does not discuss manners at all but it could be used to discuss when it is and isn't ok to be loud.  

Also I totally admit to a personal bias. There are no Berenstain Bears because I dislike them so much but as you can tell by this list, I do love Little Critter.

Visiting the sick/bikur choleem:


 Making peace between people/hava'at shalom bayn adam l'chavayro:

 Common courtesy/derech eretz:


Do not destroy needlessly/bal tashcheet:

Feed the hungry/ma'achil re'ayvim:

Kindness to animals/tza'ar ba'alay chayim:

Return of lost articles/hashavat avaydah:

Repairing the world/tikkun olam:

Honoring the elderly/hiddur p'nay-zakayn:


Honoring teachers and parents/kibbud horim u'morim:

Welcoming guests/hachnasat orchim:


 Cheerfulness/sayver panim yafot:


 Do not covet/lo tachmode:


As always this is a work in progress so if you have suggestions, please email me at nimuesugar@gmail.com.


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