Sunday, July 21, 2013

You know what I sometimes forget when in a rush to get to the emergency room?

My camera.

Luckily I got an iphone last weekend, so my emergency room pictures will be better than they were when That Boy O Mine busted his head open and we could see his brains. (Don't look unless you don't mind seeing skull).

I'm so excited about having a camera on my phone that when it rings, I'm surprised. Because I forgot it was a phone.

So this is still a cell phone picture, but here's the little lady in the hospital yesterday afternoon:

What might this innocent looking thing might have done you ask? We're pretty sure she swallowed glass. I may have mentioned I break a lot of glass. I think I even posted once about how I got a drinking glass, a sugar bowl and some other piece of kitchenware in one fell swoop. And I clean up REALLY well. Because there's a baby in the house.

So we were about to leave to do some shopping, and Boonga was helping us out in the kitchen as usual.

She actually wasn't cleaning out the garbage can. She was emptying a cabinet that I generally think of as safe. It turns out not to be as safe as I thought though, because the baby found a little of the broken glass. Did it bother her that the glass was cutting her tongue? Not particularly.

I took the one piece out of her mouth, but she swallowed something else while I was fishing. And then I called The Guy for help and then we called the pediatrician. The pediatrician said the words, "emergency room" and "pediatric surgeon" and then I just started nodding into the phone even though he couldn't hear me.

So we went to the emergency room and had The Boogaloo's second X-ray in her 14 months of life. But we luckily didn't need a surgeon. And all we have to do is watch for glass (or blood) in her pooey for the next week.

You wouldn't think someone this sweet looking could be so full of trouble, but I have to admit that I grabbed the little brown tuft out of her mouth right after snapping this picture:

Ok. Not the very exact second after:

That's the news from here! Well, not all of it, but at least the over excitement we had yesterday.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

You're a Grand Old Flag! And and quite delicious too...

You're a Grand Old Flag! You're a high flying flag!

And forever in peace...ummmm...forever in peace...what was I doing with this thing again?

Oh yeah, I remember now. Eating it.

What do you mean proper flag etiquette doesn't include munching on the stars and stripes?!?!?!

Oh well. Back to eating random stuff I find on the ground. Happy Fourth of July People!


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