Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just in case you need help getting your sibling and/or sibling-in-law to hate your guts for life, I recommend buying your neices and nephews knives for gifts

My boy, the one who says things like, "I don't know the date! I don't even know what month it is. (pause) I barely keep track of the year..." had a birthday recently.

Unfortunately, he kept track of the month and date well enough to figure out that two of his most difficult midterms fell on his birthday.

To make up for it, he got out of having his picture taken with his birthday brownies:

Just kidding! How can you let a kid have a birthday brownie without taking his picture with them first?

But it's okay. We're going to have him another birthday today. Meanwhile we're having fun hanging out with family and having conversations like this:

The Guy (to my nephew) - "Don't give the baby honey. It can give her botulism."
Me - "He's not giving her honey; he's giving her blood."
The Guy - "Oh. Don't give the baby blood."
Nephew - "I'm just SHOWING her the blood."

And also,

Me (to my nephew) - "How did you cut your finger the other night?"
Nephew - "That was my brother who cut his finger"
Me - "No he cut his finger twice earlier in the night. But then you cut your finger too."
My mom - "It was at the skiway, on his skis"
Me - "No, that was Jared who cut his finger on the skis"
Jared - "It was on the honey. He was trying to cut open a honey stick."
Nephew - "Oh that's right."

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to give my teenage nephews pocket knives as gifts. Needless to say, that turned out to be a less than wonderful idea.

Friday, December 14, 2012

If You're Ever Feeling Watched in You're Own Home, Maybe the Wii Fit is Spying on You

That Sweet Pea O' Mine told me this blog was getting to be "Babytopia" and I needed to put up some pictures of other stuff. She suggested pictures of herself perhaps, just for a change of scenery. Then she promptly left the country so I couldn't photograph her.

I tried to get my boy to pose, but his opinion is that I have a baby for that now. By his reasoning he shouldn't have to set foot in front of a camera for quite some time...or ever again.

Ultimately I took a picture of the Wii Fit. Because who knew that in addition to calling people fat and clumsy, it could also prey on my secret parenting insecurities?

How did the Wii fit even know he became a middle child last spring?!?!

Babytopia or not, I had to at least post this. It's only going to be cold around here for a week and a half (two weeks at most), so I might as well get pictures while I can:

Happy everything holiday to everyone!


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