Friday, January 24, 2014

The Dictionary According to Boonga

We've been busy, but The Boonga has still managed to add words to her vocabulary each day. Interesting and exciting words like "WINE!" and "ELBOW!"

We don't know why.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Moe Moe Dat, or How Baby is the Opposite of an Eskimo

The Boonga is like the opposite of an Eskimo. Instead of forty kajillion words for snow, she has a handful of words to mean forty kajillion things.

It's kind of good, because she wasn't really so very crazy about snow, at least not at first.

Here's a Boonga Dictionary -

Bhhhw - Bow, Boat, Bunny, Ball, Bath, Blue, etc.

Sheesh - Sister/Sissy, cheese

About the only obvious ones are Moe Moe Dat (More more of that) and "Uh ohh," which may be pronounced "Uh OHCHT!" depending on her need for emphasis.

And of course there's always "Wah Wah!" (Brother, Water) Acceptable as a sibling or as a drink!

Happy 2014 everyone!


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