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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Wedding

My brother's that is...

I'm thinking most anyone reading this was actually *at* the wedding, so there's not too very much to say. But for my 2peas freinds (& especially K who asked), it was gorgeous and so much fun! In fact, I have to say it was pretty near perfect.

Of course, It would have been even MORE perfect if the guy who was supposed to marry them had actually shown up at the wedding! But since it didn't seem to bother the bride and groom much, why should it have bothered us guests?

If you're going to a wedding, I highly recommend the wedding of a sibling. I've never gone to a wedding where I knew so many people!

If you're *planning* a wedding, I highly recommend these big red paper ball things. They really made the dance floor!

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Jill said...

Well, what happened was...the officiant said it would be no big deal - he would just complete everything the following morning at the brunch. It turned out he had gotten lost, & they had my SIL's BIL read his part. But then he didn't show up at the brunch either! So they went to the courthouse & got everything done officially. It was still a wonderful wedding. They just weren't married at the end of it! :-0


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