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Friday, September 07, 2007

Need some overpriced crap?

Need any overpriced crap? Because my kids, like children the nation over, are selling it for school. If you happen to be related to my children, you're supposed to feel obligated to nod yes and dig into your wallet.

If you have kids in public school or are related to children in public school, perhaps you're already the proud owner of 7,432 square feet of reversible wrapping paper. Or maybe you merely have magazine subscriptions that don't run out until the year 2126.

Private schools don't escape either. I've already sent home two fund raisers with my preschoolers and the school year has barely begun.

Getting into why or how we have decided that it's a great idea for our five year olds to sell garbage to their relatives and neighbors to help finance their education is probably a stretch for this relatively carefree blog, so I figured I'd just settle for making fun of some of the items my son is currently selling:

As if the shoes weren't ugly enough, now you can have a mini crock that is "perfect for holding your cell phone"...because just setting it directly on the table would assault the senses and all.

For the record, I fully appreciate the practicality and durability of crocs. They make excellent camp shoes. I just don't happen to want one for my coffee table.

Here's a mug for $9 and two plastic magnets for $8. These are worth it, I'm sure.

I'm not actually a big Disney person, but even if I were, I'd have to be a serious collector to buy this $20 timer:

Since I'll need to buy something, it might be this thing. It would go nicely in my purse with the all purpose tool, would replace my lost allen wrenches and it's probably only double what it would cost at Academy:

Here's an inspirational notepad. For a mere $7.50 you can have some 4 inch square pieces of paper, jot a note or two and then deposit them directly into the trash alongside the rest of the stuff in the catalog. Or you could just skip the middle step:


Didn't I promise I still had plenty of bar bathroom pictures left over from summer? This is my coteacher and one of my best friends in the bathroom at Sliders. Unbeknownst to me she'd been waiting to make an appearance on my blog for awhile now. The bathroom at Sliders is pretty clean, and like the rest of Sliders, well lit. Perhaps a little too well lit in the bar itself, but you can never have enough lighting in a bathroom:

Sliders main selling point, though, is not necessarily the bathroom but the fact that it's a great place for dogs to drink while they look out the window forlornly:


On other dog related topics, lunch room conversations today focused on what foreign objects whose dog had eaten and pooped out, up to and including socks, pantyhose, and a fleece blanket.

Generally speaking I can chew, swallow, digest, and even manage to enjoy my lunch during all types of poop, blood, vomit and other biological discussions, but this one for some reason seemed a little unappetizing.

I'm continually telling my son he needs to toughen up a little and not let one little comment ruin an entire meal. He should really sit in on a preschool teacher lunch sometime.


Monica Loewen said...

LOL! I'm with you on the fundraising - want chocolate bars?

Theresa said...

Totally agree, I would have happily sent the school $20 (or more) instead of buying the crap as I'm sure most relatives would have. I figure if they could get each kid to hold up, I mean ask, their relatives for even $10 a piece the schools would have plenty enough, especially once you tag on the school fees for their "free" public education.

DJ Kirkby said...

OMG! N3S starts school on this what I have to look forward to? His teacher has already been round for our 'home visit' and left threating not to turn up on Monday after discovering just how difficult it is going to be to take N3S on field trips etc. A teacher with a sense of humour and not afraid to let parents see it?...I think N3S might just have met his match! We love her so far!

Laurel said...

I do not miss those school fundraisers one bit! So glad the kids are out of school and I don't have to be that stuff any more!
I feel for you!

Sandra Collins said...

I had to laugh at this post - fundraising sucks!!

Disa said...

we had regular "mum bullies" at work (starting in mid august) that would harrass, stalk, send threatening emails about their little munchkins catalogue sitting out front and to please choose from a precious moments xmas tree ornament or chocolate covered cherries or some other foul, random piece 'o crap. i cant say no. so now i have a grinch who stole xmas mug and a little stone teddy bear to put in my brown sugar to keep it from clumping.

QueenTracy said...

lol. I got the same sheet this week from my son. The thing is...those heart magnet clips...*snickering* I bought four of them last week at Dollar General and they were fifty cents EACH. is just awful!!!!

Alyssa said...

So funny! We had our Entertainment books on sale the first day of school...can't wait until we get the catalog of "gifts" to sell at Christmas time...Do we really need any more wrapping paper, assorted chip clips, or magnets?

Anonymous said...

My wife is in charge of the girl Scout QSP program in our area so we see a lot more of this stuff than many people.

A few nights ago she had to sit through a several hour "meeting" where a man stood up and talked and talked about the program. The only good part is that she got free samples of all of the prizes and the food. Yes, those gummy slices went right to me!

But yes, it is a lot of crap that they force the kids to sell. I have no idea how much money the school is getting out of the deal, excuse me, the P.T.O., is getting out of the deal. One thing I do know is that the P.T.O. at my daughter's school always spends the money on bizare things.

"We have enough money to buy all of the kids school supplies or a big plush dinosaur costume that looks like the school mascot..."

Can you guess which one they bought?

ditzymoi said...

I have 4 little darlings so you can imagine how my friends and family cringe this time of year! But hey I do own one hell of a collection of wrapping paper, double sided foil sticky tape and bows to match!

Thanks for visiting over at my place :)

People in the Sun said...

Don't try to understand Disney lovers. If they have the Disney tattoos (and I personally know a couple of people), they'll be happy with the timer. They're insane and dangerous people.

Unknown said...

I think you can buy that overpriced crap and then let the dog eat it and then deposit the doggone stuff in aforementioned bathroom.

Beth said...

FYI, I am throwing the catalogues in the garbage this year, I have had enough! I say we all boycott, maybe they will stop sending them home once and for all!

Anonymous said...

The reversible wrapping paper got me. I recall seeing some article about the woman who came up with the idea of selling wrapping paper at school. This is dredged from memories (yeah, I could google but...) but I think this woman ended up creating a business out of the whole thing. But it was a way to support schools.

Urk on Crocs as holders for cell phones. I mean, sure I have a pair but really, people will want to accessorize or in some way do the modern equivalent of doilies on just about anything.

Sounds like the schools are going to the Dollar Stores (or buying from Oriental Trading Co) for their fundraising!

Maybe they should sell "Guilt Cards" in instead of Gift Cards.

You pay 10 bucks to get out of feeling guilty and you don't have the crap.

toners said...

Oh, and I was going to ask YOU if you wanted to buy some overpriced crap from my kids!! LOL! This year is my first time experiencing the pain in the a** of having two kids bringing home the same catalog of overpriced crap!! Twice the amount of wrapping paper and poorly-made ceramics this year! :)

Maureen said...

I agree with the fundraising. It bugs me to no end that they have our kids go beggin for money for stupid items. And then they make the prizes out of reach for the ones they know kids will want. Last year my boys school did a great fundraiser and the school got all the profit. It was a walk a thon.

Christine said...

I used to be on a PTA board. We spent hours upon hours deciding what crap to force the kids to sell. (and then that kid in the next state got murdered, selling giftwrap for school, so they changed the policy to "have the parents sell at work, and ask your relatives").

Not once, never, did we ever discuss what the kids should be learning.

Lately, though, the only gripe I have is this: my husband's boss expects everyone in the office to buy the crap his kids' school sells. We spent a chunk we couldn't spare on an Entertainment book for a city 2 hours away from where we live, because he can afford to send his kids to private school. Felt fantastic.

Last year, they had an auction, and we actually came away with something we wanted. But still, the idea that the man who signs your paycheck wants a bit of it back, that always pisses me off. I think he just doesn't understand the social aspect of asking your employees to do this kind of thing.

Maureen said...

Oh, I am SO glad daughter is too old to have to do this anymore. But at least with her school it was only chocolate bars. Usually I was to embarrassed to ask any relative to buy them; so I would purchase the whole box. Gee, I guess that explains why I packed on all those extra pounds....

Anonymous said...

ARgh, those chocolate bars! Those are like BRICKS. If I am imagining the right ones - they're about 6" long, 3/4" across (uh-oh, mind wandering...) and are wrapped in white paper and silver foil, the paper printed with the name of the school, organization, whatever. They sell for what, 2 bucks? The chocolate is so-so but good enough that you end up eating the whole thing.

Are these the chocolate bars everyone is referring to? Nuts optional.

Jill said...

Monica, Theresa, Laurel, Dynamom, Disa, Tracy, Alyssa, Kim, Beth, Toners, Maureen & Maureen - Wow! Looks like I'm not the only frustrated one!!!

Christine - that stinks on your boss.

DJ Kirkby - hope it continues well!!!!

hmtkSteve - :-0 :-0 :-0

People - I never knew any Disney tatood people. I'll have to explore/test your theory. Although not *TOO* very thoroughly - I'm always up for meeting more insane people, but I draw the line at dangerous...

SJ - good idea!

Ms. Q - yeah I think those are the chocolate bars. I got in such trouble when I was little one time for eating a whole one!!!! Definitely on the guilt cards!

RW said...

hahaha very funny post and photo's ;D

Lara Neves said...

Okay, that cell phone croc really takes the cake.

I hate the fundraising. So far, I've escaped without dd having to do it. But dh is a teacher in public school and had to do it for their orchestra tour last year and it was a nightmare. Blech.

Saradevil said...

Since you probably do have to buy something, buy the Mickey Timer. You are a teacher, timers can always come in handy. And since you work with the young'ins disney themed crap is always a hoot. I'd actually pick one of those up for some time when I'm playing opposite pictionary or some such with my kids. They'd think it was a riot and it would make the game more fun. It's functional, useful, and silly. I like it!

EquineSpirit said...

LOL! LOVE the part about fundraisers! That was priceless...LOL!

By the're IT!! Check out my blog for the details. :D

Carey said...

fundraising does suck! And I got roped into chairing my daughters fundraising for her day care people! I have another 17 years of this...we won't even add another child to that equation!

Jill said...

Thanks Roger!

Lara, doesn't it though? Although my friend liked it...I just don't do knickknacks maybe is my problem.

Saradevil - I respect Disney and all, but I think I might actually be allergic to buying Disney... :-0 I do have a really nice sand timer in my room though! Love timers for all sorts of stuff.

Sabrina - that tag doesn't look bad, actually! :-)

Bastet - Yeah, you've got a ways yet, haven't you? :-0

RW said...

Hey Jill I put your link up on Idaho Daily Photo and if I get anymore Out House photos I will be sure and let you know so you can rate them ;D

Jill said...

Hey thanks Roger!

Irisi said...

Jill, those fundraiser things are hilarious!!! I remember the days of double sided wrapping paper.. :P

I don't think I got your email..? I just searched through my gmail multiple times and couldn't find it. here's my email address again:

Spacekmonkey AT gmail DOT com


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