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Saturday, November 24, 2007

More from out of the mouths

One from school: I open the bathroom door to find one of my four year old boys frantically wiping the floor, wads of toilet paper strewn from one end of the stall to the other, seemingly flabbergasted and shouting,
"Ms. H., my fountain was pointed UP! My fountain was pointed UP Ms. H.!! It was UP!"
Two from my girl:
Casandra's four year old somewhat successful bid to save face after having been told that the correct name of the city in Nevada is, in fact, LAS Vegas:
"Well I call it LOST Vegas. (pauses) Because people get lost."
That same child at age 12 nicely illustrates my position on a six page long discussion about whether or not teachers do or should eat homemade foods they receive from students as gifts:
Cassie (while chewing on a lemon bar): "Why do you have those lemons?"
Me (in bewildered shock - how could she possibly not realize?!?!?): "Lemon bars! I bought them to make the lemon bars!"

Cassie (also in wonderment): "You MADE these?!?!?"
Me: "Of COURSE I made these! Where did you THINK they came from?!?!?"
Cassie: "Your school! That's where the rest of our treats come from!"
So rest easy, people. At least some teachers are eating our share of the homemade treats!

And one from my boy, who is so compliant sometimes it's scary. In this case he confuses my search for information about school uniform policy with an imperative
Me: "Jared, can you wear this Odyssey of the Mind shirt to school sometimes?"
Jared: "Uhhhhh...okay."
Me: "No, I mean can you? Are you allowed to?"

Jared: "No."
Yet another addition to the Salvation Army pile it is.

Speaking of those sweethearts o' mine, after THREE DAYS of cleaning, I've discovered a whole new phenomenon in their room.

It's called "carpet", and as it
turns out that carpet stuff regularly resides under a thick layer of legos, markers, pokemon cards, discarded lava lamps, hair ties, pennies, dismembered dinosaurs, wheels of all shapes and sizes, odd bits of scotch tape, and stuff too scary to mention.

The carpet is likely to be visible for all of sixteen seconds once the kids get back from their dad's, so I offer this picture of their closet as proof that the carpeting does exist:
Last but not least, this is what happens when I lend my 12 year old the camera: thirty pictures of our cat's ear!

Okay, they weren't ALL of the cats' ears. But there were thirty of them. Thirty. Thank goodness for digital. She actually is pretty good with the camera so here are a couple out of the thirty that feature a full furry face:
And now, since the inside of my fridge looks like this:
(okay, it doesn't look like that - the beer is actually long gone), I must hit the grocery store in order to fuel my children for their imminent carpet demolishing activities.

Hope everyone had a happy, happy Thanksgiving!


Staci said...

LOL. Love the anecdotes from the kids. Too funny!

Beth said...

I can totally hear Jared saying that! too funny! and your fridge is depressing! lemon bars, yummy, you should bring some to the pool in the summer to share (make a mental note now)!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love the satisfaction that you get after you finish cleaning/clearing something out?

Lara Neves said...

Love the Lost Vegas bit. And don't worry, my dh still has a few of those things in his repertoire.

And don't you hate how you can work for hours and hours to clean the kids room and then within 12.4 seconds it is completely TRASHED?

RW said...

Those cats look like there being freakishly tortured :0

ALF said...

I love the fridge.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for the beer I'd think you were on a low-carb diet.

Your kids are funnee! You have your kids, I have my mom. Gotta love 'em!

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol, very good! Happy thanksgiving!

Christine said...

I always wish my fridge looked like that.

Later today, I'm doing a post on my blog Just for You. Hope you like!

delmer said...

What? No baking soda in the fridge? Aren't you afraid your eggs will taste like peanut butter? Or are you hoping they might take on the taste of beer?

RW said...

Jill I have a holiday ornament for you here Idaho Daily Photo

Carey said...

LOL! Love the site design!

Brown English Muffin said...

"Ms. H., my fountain was pointed UP! My fountain was pointed UP Ms. H.!! It was UP!"

NO WAY!!! You have to be kidding me!!!!!!!!! LOL

Jill said...

Thanks Staci!

Beth - yeah that's pretty typical Jared, don't you think? And cook AGAIN?!?! Well, that will be 2008 I guess, whole 'nother year!

Derek - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Lara - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE IT!!!!

Roger - Have you been after my cats again?!?! And thanks about the ornament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Thanks Alf!

Ms.Q - Yeah. I forgot to buy the low carb beer. :-) But that stuff is probably icky anyway!

Thanks DJ Kirkby!

Christine - Yeah, I'm not that great at housekeeping, but I run a tight ship when it comes to the fridge. Been not online much the past couple days - I'll head over to your blog soon soon as I get the kids in bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delmer - Everything like beer, definitely! :-)

Thanks Bastet!

Brown English Muffin - Soooooooooo not kidding! That particular child is an absolute riot!!!!!

s said...

I don't see what you need groceries for? Don't you eat your peanut butter with a spoon like everybody else?

RW said...

Damm Jill I was starting to worry about you!

Jill said...

Too funny Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately it's a little messy to pack in my kids' lunch kits just on a spoon like that, so I had to buy some bread. :-) :-) :-)

And Roger, you SHOULD be worried!!!! My car broke down to the tune of $500 (oil seal blown) and I had to WALK TO WORK two days in a row!!!!!!! I had to miss yoga & a doctor's appointment & my kids had to miss religious school... On the plus side, I got to borrow my aunt's Jeep! I ******LOVE****** Jeeps!!!! :-) :-) :-)

RW said...

Jill you Rock!

Janet said...

Jill, how could I be so far behind reading your blog?? Now at least your fridge is clean! Mine has similar contents, but it is not nearly as clean! Love the look on your cats' faces, BTW!

Jill said...

JP - I think it's that "Somebody help me! I'm a cat living in a house with children!" look!!!! I think the fridge has to actually contain food at some point in it's life to get dirty! :-0 :-0 :-0 AND - I'm just as behind on yours - I think it's called DECEMBER! :-0

And thanks Roger!!!!!! :-)


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