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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bloob, Dog Wrongly Accused, Me in a Tree, and other Non-Sequitors

So the gist of this post is basically that my school hasn't recovered electricity after hurricane Ike leaving me nothing better to do than to post inappropriate details about myself onto the internet.

Well...that and to start packing for my move, which may or may not be happening in the near future. I've been trying to tie some random pictures together, but it's a stretch.

It turns out that Andre is a wrongly accused dog. Luc is the psycho dog with good hair, not Andre. Gan, the owner, okayed my use of the label psycho for Luc in exchange for clearing Andre's good name. (Not really. What he actually said was that letting me call his dog psycho was the least he could do.)

And although I still don't have a picture of Luc-the-psycho-dog (nor Andre the sane and friendly dog, for that matter), I do have a picture of my bipolar cat Sugar, reigning supreme over his mattress-dom: He looks quite svelte because the picture hides his bloob, which is what the kids call that flappy fat under his belly.

Why are the mattresses perched against the wall in the middle of the living room instead of happily hanging out in the kids' room being used as bedding? Water damage from Ike.

They had to take out the bedroom ceiling: If you happened to see the the shingles all over the courtyard, that used to be our roof. And as I understand it, you sort of need one of those to keep the water out of the bedrooms. Those two actually make it look sort of fun to be ceiling-less, don't they? But three people and two cats in a now-one bedroom apartment that smells like mildew actually gets old a little faster than you might think, necessitating some outdoor activities. Like tree climbing. See? I said it was a stretch.

Nevertheless, here's me in a tree:That look on my face is either "What the heck was I thinking?!?! I'm FORTY now! I shouldn't even be playing badminton, much less climbing trees to fish out the birdies!"

Or it could have been, "It's taking him FOREVER to snap that picture! Why the heck didn't I teach my boy to use Razor's camera like AGES ago?!?! I'm going to be stuck in this tree until I break my neck falling out!"

Better yet, why didn't I ever teach my boy to climb trees so HE could have retrieved the birdie? I guess that's what comes out of growing up in the city. Especially one where they do stuff like this to hapless trees: I have no idea what they were doing. But I was under the impression that Ike had actually done a pretty fair job with the tree trimming. No need to start pulling them down with a tractor!


Anonymous said...

Haha you ARE making it look fun, but I'm sure that it's less fun to live with. I think that it's pretty awesome that you're keeping your spirits, though.

Sarah Coggins said...

Glad your home is getting repaired & hope you all can spread out again soon. The cat photo is hilarious - love the way his arms are spread out. :D And LOL about "bloob." What a perfect name for that. What causes that anyway? Both of my cats have that funny little chunk of skin hanging back there w/ nothing. sidetracked there. :) Enjoyed your "random" post.

Nancywithajones said...

ROFLMBO at you in the tree I woudlnt be able to get up in there at all.
LOVE the bipolar cat photo that totally cracked me up.

Jill said...

Derek - I ***HAVE*** to keep my spirits up! As of the night before last, I was one of only about 25% of the people in my neighborhood who have electricity (or so I heard)! If I don't keep some of the spirits up around here, I don't know who will!!!!!! :-)

Thanks Sarah C!!! Bloob is a good word, isn't it?

Thanks Nancy! I was half convinced I was going to break my neck, but I survived somehow, even with handing my cell phone down to my son and all the pointing I had to do to teach him to use the camera... :-0

Lara Neves said...

Okay, I stared at you in the tree for a while, trying to figure out how on earth you even got up there in the first place! You won't be seeing me doing that any time soon!

I also appreciate that you can find humor in the hurricane.

ALF said...

That picture of the cat is hysterical!

How did you climb all the way up that tree? Did your son not offer to climb up there himself? I am glad youd didn't break your neck.

delmer said...

The tree photo would have been nice in a series. I'm curious, as Lara seems to be, about the steps involved in getting to the top.

Nice work on retrieving the shuttlecock.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe some people still don't have electricity. I love that shot of your bipolar kitty, too funny! I can't believe you are able to climb trees, I have a hard time climbing on a chair to reach the upper cabinets in my kitchen lol!

Covered In Crafts said...

It's so great that you are keeping things upbeat. I bet htat makes it less scary for the kids. Cute pic in the tree!!

Cynthia said...

You don't look anywhere CLOSE to 40 girl! When I saw the tree picture I kept thinking 'I hope it doesn't split or you will be!

Nice to see you keeping a good attitude about a tough situation.

Unknown said...

Now this is crazy how long is it going to take them to restore electricity?

Your post proves that in a world without walls the roofs would fall down too. Then we would all have to climb trees.

Jill said...

Lara, Alf & Delmer - Maybe I'll have my boy do a few more photos showing how I got up there! I wanted to go out in the courtyard with him today anyway and take his picture with a tree that has a hole in it. There are SOME benefits to the hurricane - never would have had time for this kind of stuff in regular daily life!

NOELIA!!!! You should NEVER, EVER climb on a chair!!!! It's very dangerous!!!!! There's a teacher in my school who walks with a cane for life because of falling off a chair!!!!! Now I have no idea the relative danger between climbing onto a chair and tree climbing, but I know for certain about the dangers of chair climbing... :-0 :-0 :-0 (Only partially sort of kidding)

Noelia & SJ - It's coming back slowly but surely. But today marks two full weeks my son and I have been out of school. Still waiting for the phone to come back and my ceiling, but much better off than those without power!

Thanks Elizabeth & Binders! It's wearing a little thin and I think EVEN my son would be back in school now if he could, but I haven't had to worry about them being scared.

Even when the apartment was shaking in the wind from the hurricane they were more curious and sleepy than afraid. They weren't too keen on hauling water up from the swimming pool to flush the toilets for awhile there...

Anonymous said...

I also wondered how you got up that tree as it doesn't look particularly climbable. But how does being 40 prevent you from climbing trees? It's great you're 40 and CAN climb trees!

It took me a couple of read-throughs to figure out that you were fishing out badminton birdies and not REAL birdies from the tree. I mean, most real birdies hang out in trees and I'm not that familiar with badminton and it took me a while to recall that that thing you bat around in badminton is called a birdie.

I agree with you on the chairclimbing although I've done it. Eek! I've done some whacky wobbly things and am lucky. I do try to use my small stepladder.

I'm a bit lazy about using it to get stuff from the high kitchen shelves. I tend to hop on the counter to get stuff from the shelves which maybe I'm fooling myself but I figure it's more safe to hoist myself up on the counter and then get the vase or whatever I rarely use and store up on those high shelves.

The Sugar photo is hilarious!

Jill said...

Ms.Q - Yeah actually the hardest I've ever fallen in my life was off a chair onto a hard tile floor. I was so stupid though - I wasn't just climbing onto the SEAT of the chair!!! Oh no! I wanted to staple something to the wall and couldn't reach so I put one foot on each ARM of the chair!!! And it was one of those light office/conference room chairs that barely stands up as it is and WHOMP!!! All of the sudden the chair fell on it's side and I landed FLAT on my side (and head) on the hard tile floor. And of course I never told anyone because it was so stupid of me to be climbing the chair in the first place. It was DAYS before I could move around right! It hurt sooooooooooo badly. So yeah, I think the kitchen counter is much safer in that it can't topple over onto its side.

Nothing wrong with tree climbing at age 40 I suppose. It was a little scary the first time. But not so bad the second time when my boy TRIED to take pictures - a sort of step by step reenactment to show how I got up there. :-) But for some reason though he pressed the button and it never took the picture.

Thanks on the Sugar picture! I thought he looked all kinds of cute up there! :-)

Janet said...

Good grief, Jill!! That cat picture is priceless! :-)

Thx for telling me about it. I am SOOOOOO behind in blog reading *hands head in shame*!!


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