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Saturday, January 17, 2009

There's No "Me" in "Meme"

Oh wait! There sure is! Hows abouts that...

So I'm not exactly sure why anyone needs to know anything more about me than the fact that I enjoy posting pictures of bar bathrooms, but back in June Ricardo tagged me to to write up six things about myself. And I wrote up the meme, honest to God. But for some reason instead of typing it into the computer, I lost it.

Then yesterday Moxievanilla tagged me with 7 things about myself and I decided to just bite the bullet and rewrite it. So that means of course I'm going to find the old one and it will be way better than this one.

Obviously thing number one is: I lose things. And I want to apologize in advance to The-Guy-Who-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken for the day when I lose his credit card, or whatever important thing of his I am bound and destined to lose.

Although The-Guy kindly observed that I don't so much lose things as I do find obscure places to put them. Which is why I haven't seen my checkbook in two months. But whatever...

I don't read books that have senators in them.

I do love music that has Jesus in it, more than your average Jewish preschool teacher does I imagine. Funny Jesus music or serious Jesus music, either way.

I don't buy groceries that have ingredients I can't pronounce. Because I'm healthy that way.

I do think that the great thing about Sea Breezes and Cape Cods is that you can destroy your liver and improve your urinary tract all at the same time. And so I'm sort of like halfway healthy and halfway self destructive on that one.

I have a business degree. For real. No, I don't know what I was thinking. No, I don't need it to teach preschool. Although I did need some type of degree to get my teaching certification, and apparently a business degree was good enough. I have a Spanish degree too, just for the record.

I don't ask for directions. I know that's supposed to be a guy thing, but most people can't give directions, even if they are one of the rare few who actually know where something is.

But that's not why I don't ask. I don't ask because I forget to listen anyway. Once someone points, I'm on my merry way in that direction, no matter how long he or she keeps talking.

So that's seven. And then I'm supposed to tag seven people:
A Free Man
DJ Kirkby
Curly Girl
Beth ('Cause you haven't blogged since SEPTEMBER for cryin' out loud!)

And that's why I don't use my business degree. I can't actually count.

But, y'know, in addition to losing actual THINGS, I've lost a heck of a lot of memes in these couple years I've been blogging. So I figure everyone can ignore the meme or do the meme or whatever.

Or better yet, don't do it in order to pay me back for having lost/not done one in the past. Fair's fair! And thanks Moxievanilla!


Unknown said...

Wait wasn't Ricardo supposed to be AGAINST memes? The liar!

If you have a business degree and can't count then you could have been an investment banker but now it might be too late.

Unknown said...

Clicked that flickr thing on your blog and stalked you all the way there. I added you as a contact there that stupid site won't allow me to send a message saying who I am.

Unknown said...

SJ I am and remain against meme's and did this one under duress!!!

Jill, you don't ask for directions either? You just racked up dude points!!!!

What were you thinking with this business degree nonsense? LOL!

Christine said...

I agree with you completely on the directions thing. I used to ask directions and get loster than before. Now I just use my GPS.

Jill said...

Funny SJ! And I'm usually against memes too. But this one allows a fair amount of leeway. It's not like one of those "name your favorite flavor of lollipop when you were five and a half" kind of meme or anything. And added you on flickr too!

Ricardo - Dude points! I always wanted dude points! What are dude points?!? :-) On the business degree, I think what I was thinking was, "What's the fastest way out of this place with a degree in my hand?" It sure wasn't in teaching - they were telling me with three years of college behind me, I'd have to start completely over which is so totally untrue.

Christine - I don't think I could handle one of those car GPS things. I just don't like people ordering me around. I can just hear the arguments - "What if I don't WANT to turn left?!?!?!?" And I'd be all, "I don't CARE if your way's shorter! There's too many lights on that road and it just FEELS longer!" I think it's enough for me to make concessions to real live humans. I'll probably stick with covering my entire windshield with a fold up map for awhile. Then again I didn't want an Ipod or a cell phone either, and I'm stuck like glue to both these days.

I used to work in GPS before Cassie was born, back in the day when the smaller ones fit into a backpack! Not a school kid backpack, but one of those giant hiking backpacks. And you had to carry around an antenna that was about twice the length of a ski pole! I like the hand held GPS for geocaching now - got one for The Guy for his birthday so we could go.

Unknown said...

I don't read books about senators, either.

I actually think I've done this one. Three times. But perhaps I'll do it again, since apparently I don't have a problem with doing it again. It'll just be a while because I have to think of seven more things about myself. I don't know if I'm that interesting. But I'll try to be. Just for you. Because I like you.

Anonymous said...

Mine is scheduled to publish tomorrow at 1pm and it shall be grande, GRANDE I tell you!

RW said...

I do this meme when you post about that award I gave you nananananaaaaaaaaaa! lol :D

Kerry McKibbins said...

7 things about me???
Are there even 7 things about me??
I don't think so.

Lara Neves said...

I just needed to clear up any confusion and say that I was that joel person that posted. Just so you're not freaked out. Darn husbands logged into their gmail without alerting me!

Anonymous said...

I don't read books about or by senators either.

They spend entirely too much money on a campaign to get a job that doesn't pay very well. They're either all corrupt or not very bright.

A Free Man said...

Jesus music drives me nuts. I took my boy to an indoor play gym the other day becaause it was soooo hot. But I couldn't stay more than an hour because they were blaring bad Christian rock.

Unknown said...

dude points are things men do to preserve their masculinity like chop wood or watch a football game or attempt to fix something. Makes us feel manly, especially after we've done something that may seem girly.

Jill said...

Thanks Joel!!! I mean Lara (believe it or not, I figured that part out!) :-)

Jeff - Indeed it is grand, GRAND I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger, Yeah, yeah... I know. I've gotta cut off my ear and all. Seriously, I'm going to get to it. I'm going to sharpen the kitchen knives right now...

Kerry - You'd be surprised. I've done one very similar to this one and found seven MORE things.

Kristine & A Free Man - I actually had to clear this one up in a whole 'nother post. Although I can't imagine either senator non-fiction OR bad Christian rock captivating me for very long...

Ricardo - or accidentally bought baby blue undies?

People in the Sun said...

Hey, thanks. Sometimes I miss a post and when I'm back I see my name and stuff. Cool.

And don't be too upset about Freeman. After all, he wears crocks.

Anonymous said...

I've followed up and mine will auto publish tomorrow at 6:00am EST, complete with resplendent picture of your bikini.


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