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Monday, March 02, 2009

That Interview Thing - Part I

I did A Free Man’s Interview thing, which means that Arizaphale of Now Where Did I Put That Flaming Sword? interviewed me, & I interviewed Father Muskrat.

Except, I think Father Muskrat decided to concentrate his efforts of late on evenly distributing his bodily functions into inappropriate receptacles instead of being interviewed, but...y'know...either way...

I've been getting kind of totally slammed by what I like to call "life spackle" lately, so I've broken up the interview into two parts to make posting (and reading, I imagine) more manageable:
1. You've got to admit, your blog has an unusual name. What does it mean (if anything) and what was your motivation in choosing it?
I overheard the name for my blog during Thanksgiving dinner maybe three years ago, uttered by my nephew. “But I was twipply skwood, because I did it at Mama’s house!”

I knew immediately that I had to adopt this new phrase…whatever it meant. As it turned out, my nephew had discovered the joys of superstitions and was entertaining his side of the table with the wishful thinking of a just turned six year old.

I don’t know if superstitions are the same the world over, but here in the United States, in addition to being somewhat reckless, walking under a ladder is also bad luck.

“I was skwood (screwed)” he explained, “because I walked undew a laddew (under a ladder)!”

He continued, “But then I was doubly skwood, because I did it at midnight.”

Finally he concluded that he was “twipply skwood” because he walked under a ladder at midnight at mama’s house.

So: skwood = screwed, twipply skwood = triply screwed
2. Why the signs? What's the attraction?
My dad has two theories about signs. One is "the brother in law theory." Someone has a brother in law in the sign making business and so a lot of stupid signs get made just to give the brother in law some business.

Dad’s other theory is that any sign means there’s a problem that, for whatever reason, no one feels like solving. I’m not sure if those two theories are mutually exclusive, or work together somehow. But either way, there are just so many entertaining signs out there.

Of course, it’s not always a sign. Sometimes it’s a fish with a tattoo:Sometimes there’s a sale at Target on movies featuring men with angry expressions on their faces:

And sometimes I see a truck that says “Fish” and I wonder, “Is that a noun or an imperative verb?”
And then I take a picture. Because why not? I mean, surely there are other people who wonder how hard it was to get the fish an appointment at the tattoo parlor and whether or not the sign on the truck is really ordering all who read it to go fishing.

Anyhow, that's two out of six. The other four are shorter and I'll post them as soon as life gives me a break here and/or some excess computer time.


A Free Man said...

Hey, good start! I like the explanation of the origin of Twipply Skwood. And I reckon that pick-up owner just has a wicked sense of humor!

Unknown said...

I always knew what Twipply Skwood was I guess I am at least as smart as your nephew. :)

I didn't do the interview as I have done enough of them already.

Anonymous said...

I knew there had to be an explanation. I got the triply screwed part, but needed more explanation.

ALF said...

You will be proud to know that I at least figured out that twipply skwood meant triply screwed all on my own. For awhile there I definitely thought it was Twipply Skywood. Whatever the hell that is.

And that fish with the tattoo is so sad.

Arizaphale said...

Yup I was with the Twipply Sk-wood thing. I am lovin Triply Screwed!!
So...since you have already split the very small number of questions into two parts....I am guessing you don't need anymore?? Shame cos I am enjoying the answers :-)

People in the Sun said...

I didn't know what it meant but I went on with my life knowing it was one those things one wonders through life without understanding, like rainbows and Republicans.

Maureen said...

Fish... tatoo?

I do hope that is Photoshopped.

Jill said...

Thanks A Free Man! I wonder if it might be some kind of health law or something, 'cause I've seen it on bigger trucks. I have no idea really, but it still amuses me.

SJ - Isn't that some kind of TV show? "Are you as smart as Jill's nephew"? :-)

Kristine - Yeah, I've been thinking I needed an explanation or something on the sidebar. Maybe I can fix that on spring break.

Alf - Isn't it? I mean, what if he regrets it in his old age when his scales get all wrinkly? I'm KIDDING! Yes, it is sad. :-(

Arizaphale - I'm not sure if my second part is really as entertaining, but it just got soooooo long and I've been going through so much minor yet irritating and time consuming stuff lately. I had to break it up. So up to you on sending more, but I'm slow these days! And thank you!!! :-)

Very funny People!!! I expect a post with a full explanation when that boy o' yours utters his first curse/swear word!!! :-) :-) :-)

Maureen - Sad to say that it isn't photoshopped. That guy lives in a tank in a restaurant where we sometimes eat. I guess at least it might prevent him from becoming someone's dinner one night.

Bruce Johnson said...

Now that I know the meaning of the blog name, I like it even more. We are all Twipply Skwood.....

DJ Kirkby said...

This was very interesting! And funny!!!! Glad to finally understand the emaning behind the blog name. xo

Jill said...

Bruce - Ain't we though? :-)

Thanks DJ Kirkby!

Michael from said...

Hey, I finally played. I'll do my interview of Rol before long, I hope. I've had too many trials or out-of-town depositions the last few weeks.

I'll try to post your interview of me tomorrow night or the next day.

Eric said...

AT LAST I understand the blog title. I had it all wrong in my head... go figure.

Michael from said...

published today (finally)


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