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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

'Cause Why Else Would the Rat Even BE Naked?

I may be without internet for a few days, so I wanted to make sure the blogging world, if not the internet in general had adequate pictures of my gal with a naked rat. Oh and my cat.

So here's my cat Sugar right before I told him that our TV is basically a giant DVD player now. We never bought one of those TV converter box things:
Here he is when he found out. He ain't none too happy about it, that's for sure. I don't know how he did that weird thing with his eyes, but I imagine he'll give a tutorial on utube one of these days:
He decided to email his congressman, senator, the SPCA, and PETA. If only he could remember which was the "on" button:Here's my gal and her friend putting temporary tattoos on Bernardo the naked rat:

Because naked rats cry out for temporary tattoos, apparently:
That's about all I got for now people. Come again soon!


Arizaphale said...

Now before I can even begin to think about the cat and the computer, lack of internet and TV etc, let's talk about the naked rat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Firstly, why is he naked? Secondly...tattoos?????????Is there not some animal cruelty law against this?

Kristine said...

I love the temporary tattoos on the naked rat!

ALF said...

Oh no! That poor rat. Is it OK to put tattoos on a rat? Also, your cat is so cute.

Unknown said...

If the cat does mail the people in your list you can rest assured nothing much will be done about it!

A Free Man said...

That rat's disgusting!

Sorry, I hate to diss other peoples' pets - to each their own and all that - but come on! Doesn't your cat have any sort of primal hunting instinct? Why hasn't he taken it out yet?

Arizaphale said...

So let's get back to the rat....I mean, is that really a rat? Or is it a naked mole rat? It doesn't look quite ugly enough to be a mole rat. Is it going to grow into that skin or is that it for life? Cos I would be booking into a plastic surgeon if I were that rat and getting a bit of a tail-lift.

Christine said...

The tattoos are BRILLIANT. But did the rat choose them himself? For a rat, even a temporary tattoo is probably a pretty long-term decision.

Kerry McKibbins said...

Love those pics of the cat, lol.
As for the naked tattooed rat.....there are just so many things wrong with that...........shudder.

Jill said...

Arizaphale - I'm pretty sure he was born naked. *shrug shrug*. And, he didn't seem particularly disturbed by the tattoos so I don't know that they've enacted any laws as of yet. I'm just glad they're not going to be strip searching the human 13 year olds for ibuprofen... :-O

Thanks Kristine!

And thanks Alf!!!!! It must have been okay, I guess. At least Bernardo didn't appear to mind.

SJ - Well, at least as I said to Arizaphale, we're not going to be strip searching the 13 year olds. Maybe once we've gotten the humans treated ok, we can rev up the treatment for the cats and hairless rats.

A Free Man - If it's any consolation, Sugar did eat my class pet fish once! But Bernardo the rat actually belongs to my friend and her family.

Christine - I'm not sure exactly what the selection process was there. I just noticed the photo op. :-)

Kerry - Well, one animal out of two ain't bad I guess. :-) :-) :-)

Jill said...

Oh! Arizaphale, I think he's just a naked rat & not a naked mole rat. As for his skin, he's just really, really OLD. He's old and wrinkly. There are parts of him that don't even lift up off the ground when he walks around. He needs an all-over lift I'm pretty sure.

Ms. Q said...

He's an OLD naked rat? I thought he was just naturally "naked" like those naked cats - wasn't there some naked cat on one of those Austin Power movies? Maybe sugar didn't take the naked rat out because he thought the rat wasn't tasty enough? Or maybe only naked cats chase naked rats?

Anyway, Sugar is as adorable as ever!

I thought the tattoos on the rat a hoot. I wonder how long they'll take to wear off?

Jill said...

Ms. Q!! Where on Earth have you BEEN?!? I tried emailing you, btw, but I might not have a good email address for you.

I think he's been naturally naked for his very long (for a rat) life. :-) Sugar hasn't taken him out because he watches his diet so carefully. Just a few moths and an occasional cockroach...KIDDING! He really hasn't taken him out because Bernardo is our friend's rat, & not ours. :-) :-) :-)

Ms. Q said...

My email still works and I did get your note, if a few weeks later due to the fact that I hadn't checked it in forevah AND it was buried in spammage. I responded as well as re-responded but maybe my response got lost in your spammage!

Jill said...

Ms. Q - Never saw your reply but hope you're doing well. I'll write again - maybe the response did go to spam or somewhere????

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