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Monday, March 29, 2010

Matzah Candy Recipe. Or very possibly Matzo Crack Recipe. But maybe not. Anyway it's Yummy

Matzo crack recipe

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you...what was it again? Oh yeah...Passover. Happy Passover everyone!

This matzah (or matzo or matzoh) candy recipe will make the soft delicious matzah candy. This is not the matzah candy that has a hard crunch layer between the matzo and the chocolate. So if you like that layer crunchy, you need a different recipe.

I have also heard this called "matzo crack." But, what I'm not sure about in the name matzo crack is if it's called crack because it's as addicting as drugs or if it's called crack because of the sound you make when you break it. Regardless, this is the soft kind. So it might not actually crack.

Matzah (or Matzo or Matzoh) Candy
3-4 boards of matzah
3/4 cups of butter
12 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup brown sugar

-Melt butter with sugar on medium heat, stirring constantly.
-Bring to a low boil and cook 3-4 minutes.
-Grease cookie sheet with butter.
-Lay matzah on a cookie sheet and fill empty places with pieces of matzah (in other words the entire cookie sheet has one layer of matzah)
-Pour sugar mixture over the matzah
-Cover with chocolate chips
-Put into a 350 degree oven for a few minutes, just until the chocolate chips are soft and melty.
-Spread chocolate evenly over the matzah and sugar/butter mix with a knife or spatula
-Refrigerate until chocolate hardens
-Break into pieces
-Gain 70 pounds just by looking at it


Tracy said...

This looks delish, but then again anything with chocolate looks delish.

I may sound dumb but what is matzah?

Jill said...

Oops - Sorry Tracy!!! I work in a Jewish school - sometimes I forget that I'm not ALWAYS surrounded by Jews!

Matzah is like a cracker. It's "bread" that has no yeast and is baked within 18 minutes so it can't rise at all. It's the only "bread" you're supposed to eat on Passover because the slaves had to flee Egypt too quickly for their bread to rise. Guess I should put in a link!

People in the Sun said...

But what if the story is, you know, made up? What if the Jews were not Jews, but tribes in Palestine, who created a collective history of oppression in order to unite for security and for economical reasons? Then where do the Matzahs come from? Were they just too lazy to make bread? Are you calling my ancestors lazy?! Haven't we suffered enough?

Marlene said...

Chocolate whatever you wanna call it looks YUMMO!!!!!!! I think I just gained 3 pounds drooling and sucking my spit back in.

Unknown said...

Is it called passover because a vast majority of the world population passes over the day without knowing a thing about it?

Who cares that looks yum !

Arizaphale said...

I spent about 10 minutes on Sunday explaining Passover to some 5 year olds and then went on to explain that Jesus had gone to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover, when a 5 year old stopped me....
"Hang on, what's this Passover thing again?" Ten minutes of my life wasted I guess.
A little later his unchurched friend who was at Sunday school for the first time announced with incredulity "ARE WE GONNA DRINK BLOOD????"

Jill said...

People - I don't know about all the made up stuff, but I'm going to say that any people that, in order to celebrate their freedom, enslaves themselves to bread that has to be fully made, baked and everything in 18 minutes only to be reground and baked into something else couldn't really be called lazy. Crazy perhaps, but certainly not lazy. :-) :-) :-)

Funny Marlene! I never thought of spit as being so calorie-laden! :-)

SJ - They're missing out on some good chocolate that way!

Arizaphale - That sort of reminds me of the fact that any time I have EVER thrown a party for first graders, one of them inevitably asks, right in the middle of the festivities, "When do we get to have our party?"

Hello? You're eating junk food and playing games right in the middle of the school day and not doing any work. Isn't that party enough?!?! What do they want? Beer and live band?!?!?

Jill said...

Oh you should really be able to edit these comments. People that would be "enslave" and not "enslaves" I'm pretty sure!

ehall said...

Butter, Sugar, Chocolate, Eggs... so many options! Oh, and (in our house) a 7lb. brisket that we can gnaw on for several days... Hag Sameach.

RW said...

Is passover a happy time? I don't no what to say? Your my only Hebrew friend. :D

Jill said...

Happy Passover Eric!

Roger - Yes, happy time celebrating freeedom and all. :-) Sort of like 4th of July, except with crackers instead of barbeque and wine instead of beer and the story of Moses instead of fireworks. Or something.


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