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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Found a Little Boy Yesterday, But I Gave Him Back

Another school year is coming to a close. Gone for this year will be the opportunity to teach and influence young minds. Gone the opportunity to see the excitement in each child's face. Gone the opportunity to bring home lice.

My gal says I have the worst job in the world just because I bring the occasional louse (and other communicable diseases) home from work. I don't though. I have a great job and hours conducive to raising children. I do get exposed to all sorts of fun stuff though.

Yesterday I found a four year old while rollerblading. He was at a park wandering around all by himself. There were seven soccer games in progress, but he was nowhere near any of them.

My boy and I tried to find his grown ups for about a half hour before someone finally claimed him. Making things more difficult was the fact that the boy's speech was delayed. He was completely unintelligible except for the words, "mommy gone" and "car". It turned out that the adults he was with figured he had gone to the restroom all that time. By himself. For a half hour.

Mostly I've been awash in research papers this week, but I did manage a few photos. Here's part of the "senior prank" at my kids' school.

And back:
Here's my boy getting a haircut:
Last but not least, here's that good for nothin' cat. He may be a pain in the neck, but at least he's observant. Picture thanks to Older Gal:


Melissa said...

Love the signs!!

delmer said...

It appears haircuts are a lot more fun when someone else is paying for them.

Unknown said...

What! I thought the USA invented the "finders keepers" thing.

Marlene said...

That poor little kid! His parents should be smacked for losing track of a 4 year old for half an hour! Let me fling some dog poo at 'em. I've got plenty to go around.

Love the senior prank photos. Harmless fun!

That cat cracks me up!

Christine said...

I had no idea your cat was a jazz musician. You are way cooler than I am.

Arizaphale said...

I wish I felt the way you do about your work. Right now I just want to smack them all. Thanks for putting a smile on my miserable dial.

Jill said...

Melissa - They did a nice job, didn't they? They took out all the speed bumps too, and so far they're still gone!

Delmer - He's REALLY ticklish about the razor. Luckily the hairdresser was good natured about it.

SJ - You're right. I could have just kept him. :-)

Marlene - No kidding, right? I'm all for giving kids a little independence, but a half hour in the bathroom is TOO LONG!

Christine - I'm confused. Aren't ALL cats jazz musicians?!?!

Arizaphale - I think everyone has days like that. As long as you don't have entire months or years like that, it's probably okay, right? :-) :-) :-)

Tracy said...

LOL at your cat. Our cat wouldn't let us do that.
1/2 hour in the bathroom, alone, at 4 yrs old. Come on people get your head out of your arse.

Slyde said...

ugh! i cannot listen about someone who doesnt take care of their children. I think i would have slapped those parents if i had been there..

Jill said...

Tracy - He's such a mess our cat. He protests quite a bit, but generally he'll do what it takes for some attention. And no kidding on the kid! Sheesh.

Slyde - Yeah. He could have been ANYWHERE by the time they thought to look for him.

Beth said...

good thing they claimed him, knowing you, you WOULD have kept the cutie!

DJ Kirkby said...

That poor little boy!!!!!!!!!! That kind of thing makes me VERY cross :( Great photos. Our kids don't break up for summer hols until the 3rd week of July in England, it's ridiculous and not healthy!

Jill said...

Beth - Yeah. I was certainly thinking it was too bad I wasn't set up for foster care.

DJ Kirkby - JULY!!!?!?! SHEESH!!!!! Do they get more breaks during the year?


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