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Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's Raining Small Household Pets

Actually, I think it's been raining large farm animals in addition to the traditional cats and dogs.I guess we got Hurricane Alex's aura or something. Because he was too far away for it to actually be his tail, and yet we got awfully wet here. Here's my boy getting back from helping The-Guy fix the drain:I got this quote from the local news website:
"It really is a dangerous situation," Yanez said. "Not just life-threatening, but they can lose a lot more property out of this if the rain continues."
Yeah, not JUST life threatening, mind you! I dunno, but I think I'd rather lose the property.

My boy on a bridge in between the storms:I didn't get any really great flooding pictures, even though our street was up to the top of the curb in water. So instead, here's my nephew riding in for the wedding: Isn't he the cutest? It's looking clearer for today - only a 60% of rain today. Hope everyone else is a little dryer than we are!


Mz-Cellaneous said...

we were getting rain every single day for months! Finally we have a week long stretch with nothing, and then it turns off 95 degrees. We are we never happy? lol

Unknown said...

A lost life can continue live in our hearts and as zombies. I've ever heard of a zombie house so maybe lost property is worse?

wholarmor said...

That's quite a lot of rain! I thought it was bad here in the Pacific Northwest! Hope it dries up for you soon!

Jill said...

Lana - Yeah, we were 104 before all the rain. We've got air conditioner though, so it's not all that bad.

SJ! Why on earth didn't I consider the lack of zombie houses!!!! NO WONDER the property loss is worse!!!!!!!

Wholarmor - I'm not sure but I think you guys get it more consistently, we just maybe get the sheer volume.

Beth said...

did you throw the boy out of the car and leave him to walk alone on a bridge? 'cause that's what it looks like :)

ryan said...

That's so much rain! I hope it stops soon, I have heard about all the rain your area is getting on the news.

Jill said...

Beth - I do that on EVERY bridge. You know, they just had that story in the Chronicle about how out of shape Texas kids are, so I want to make sure he's in top notch condition.

Ryan - It actually let up all morning! We had a rainy afternoon, but hopefully will have a dry 4th!

Oscar Zed said...

If ever you get too hot, contact a friend in the Southern Hemisphere.
Say - Australia, South Africa, Chile, Terra del Fuego.

Because we have gone through the coldest winter in 67 years, after the hottest summer in about 100 years...

People in the Sun said...

That's UNAMERICAN of you! Property comes first!

Sunshine and Shadows said...

The top picture is unbelievable - so much water. I hope you stay safe and dry out a bit.

By they way, thank you for your comment on my blog. Feel free to comment or ask questions on any of my posts.


Tracy said...

Wow. hope your weather starts behaven.
We did get poured on today, but it just made it more muggy here.

Arizaphale said...

Like Oscar said, our weather has been flakey here too. Hope The Guy fixed the drain ok. Does he wanna come and look at my leaking (still) roof?

Marlene said...

We could use some of your rain here. The grass is crunching beneath my feet....and it's hotter than hades.

Yeah yeah, I know - be careful what ya wish for!

Hope your weather settles down for you.

Kerry McKibbins said...

I love the "not just life threatening" comment. LOL!!

Blog said...

So cute - your nephew. And your son looks LOVELY! :) There's a heatwave in Toronto -- I'll trade you this heatwave for your rain?? ;)

Jill said...

WOW! I didn't realize I got this behind!!!!

Oscar Zed - I guess you've been having some weather!

People - You're right. I don't know what I was thinking. :-)

Sunshine & Shadows - We had a few sunny days in a row, with just a shower here & there. I heard we're in for more rain today!

Tracy - Yeah, it chased you home from camp, didn't it? :-(

Arizaphale - Wouldn't that be great? We have a friend who just moved to Morocco too, so we could make a big trip of it. :-)

Marlene - It's all yours!

Right Kerry?!?!?!

Haley-O - Yeah, at least we have air conditioner in every building here. Of course, I was going on about how little air conditioning there was in New York, thinking it would be similar to Vermont where there's like, none that aren't window units, when they said something on the news about New Yorkers cranking up the a/c. The rain does do a nice job of cooling things down though, that's for sure.


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