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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If I had an interesting title, I would slapped it up on a bulletin board already

Don't you hate it when you're enjoying a blog and then the person suddenly falls off the face of the earth for no apparent reason? Yeah me too. Sorry I haven't been around. But I more or less fell off the face of the Earth for the usual reasons...like school starting.

Still, The-Guy finished the bathroom, so I can do before and after pictures. Remember the "before" picture? Oh! Wait...I didn't get a before picture. But I got a not-too-long-after-before-picture:And now it looks like this:Here's the purple streak my gal got put in her hair in a salon. Good thing I got a picture, because the permanent dye only lasted four days. I guess she wasn't supposed to swim?I've cooked very few dinners in the time leading up to the first day of school. I did manage to explain to that sweet pea o' mine why it would be okay for me to cook a meal that not everyone in the family would gobble with equal enthusiasm:
"Not everyone will hate dinner every night. But someone will hate dinner some nights."
You can't displease all of the people some of the time, after all. Well...if you work really hard I'm sure you can.

Last but not least, I might as well throw in a few more honeymoon pictures. My brand new favorite place on the planet, Luckenbach. Have I mentioned that Luckenbach is just like heaven? Actually, not having been to heaven, I couldn't really say. But in Luckenbach, people sit around and play guitar and sing and it's really quite wonderful.

Still in Luckenbach - there's a chicken in this tree somewhere. I don't know where:Here's a guy cooking sausages, but I forgot the name of the town:
The inside of the dome of the Texas state capital building:I'm sure I'll be coming up for air soon, & then I'll post something that takes me more than 53 seconds to write. And I'll comment on your blog. Or I'll call you. Or I'll email you. Or I'll come down to your classroom and chat. Or I'll comment on your facebook status. If you live in Morocco, I already checked out your facebook status but I just didn't comment. But I will do all that stuff soon!


Derek Wong said...

I like the redone bathroom!

Anonymous said...

the sausage guy is wearing a hard hat!

Marlene said...

Your new bathroom looks great! My daughter had a pink streak put in her hair. It lasted. Too long. the pink turned a ghastly shade of orange. Finally, it's gone. *shudder*

Nej said...

Love the tile in the bathroom!!!!! The colors are awesome!

A chicken in that tree....is this like Where's Waldo? :-)

John C said...

You should have gotten the husband to sing and test his skill for the chicken to reveal itself. :)

School starts next Monday here, seems like this Summer flew by without knowing it...except for the heat.

Arizaphale said...

hahahahaha. You dag! Join the ranks of the terminally busy.

Jill said...

Thanks Derek!

Anonymous - Yeah. I guess the lid of that thing must be heavy.?

Thanks Marlene! It's funny but you can actually see the streak better now that it's not purple anymore because they had to bleach it first.

Nej - Thanks! And yes, exactly like Waldo!

John - I hadn't thought of the whole chicken/chicken song connection!

Arizaphale - I think I was BORN a member! These master's classes are eating my lunch big time though. Last night I was asking the guy why I couldn't be one of those people who knew when enough was enough.

Unknown said...

I try to displease people and fail all the time.

Jill said...

SJ - It's a full time job, ain't it? I'm sorry you're not any better at it though! :-) Maybe you should try cooking for my kids sometime. Then it might come more naturally!

John C said...

Oh...forgot...the honeymoon isn't over until you make him regularly sing for his supper. *gigglesnort*

Janet said...

Is this THE Luckenbach? Like from the song? What a blast from the past. I did not know that was a real place. But now I know. A very informative post, Jill!!!

Janet said...

And the bathroom is beautiful, BTW!
Love the tile!

Jill said...

John - We all sing for our supper 'round here. It's a very musical place. :-)

Janet - Yep, THE Luckenbach! I think it's like whoever that character you're supposed to believe in and then it will be real, who is that? Tinkerbell? At any rate, it was so wonderful! And thank you on the bathroom!

Mz-Cellaneous said...

Loving the bathroom!!
You're awesome!

Oh, and so is the guy


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