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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gambling Losses is My Favorite Income Tax Question. If you can have a favorite income tax question.

I said last week that I didn't see any silly signs. But I forgot that I saw a guy wheeling a toilet down the road:

toilet wheeling guy

I don't know why.

I also saw three different toilets lining the street outside my kids' school, but My Sweet Pea asked me not to take a picture for fear of embarrassment. For whatever reason I heeded her pleas. This time.

This guy visited our back yard:

backyard visitor

The-Guy's roses are going crazy. I actually took this picture last month, but for some reason I only got it as far as flickr and not this blog:

back yard rose

This weekend I've been trying to figure out the great mystery of income taxes. The main thing I've learned is that despite my fascination with trains, I'm really, really happy that I don't work on the railroad.

That's because there seem to be about five or six questions about railroad income on each form. So every time I see that question, I celebrate. Yay! Another question I KNOW I got right! I like the fishing tax form and the gambling income questions too. I always know for certain I don't have those.

So that's about my week - I've moved on from typing papers to trying to figure out taxes. Time's a ticking.


Nicki said...

Lovely rose - and good luck on the taxes. We did ours early because of college financial forms - figured we needed to know the totals for them, we might as well file our returns.

Maria said...

LOL! You've made me smile! Good luck getting your taxes finished!

Like Nicki, we did our taxes early so we could fill out college financial forms. If I never hear the term F.A.F.S.A. again, it'll be too soon.

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

Beautiful color and Dof on the lizard and Rose nice. I am opposite of Nicki and Maria I have filed my extention and will not worry about my taxes until later.

Angela2932 said...

I am so ecstatic that it's only taxes I fill out now, and not FAFSA forms too! But that just means we've "graduated" to helping our kids (young adults) fill out THEIR taxes! (FOrtunately, they don't work on the railroad or have gambling taxes either!) All 3 of your photos were signs of spring; even the toilet, 'cause the guy is wearing short sleeves, and there's green stuff growing (not in the toilet!) I want some spring!

Tracy said...

Your photos are stunning....well maybe not the old toilet bowl.
I brought my dad's last taxes in to get done properly.....763.00 for them to do it!!!!
I almost sh1t when the accountant gave me the bill for their services. I should have went to school for that, lol.

Suzy said...

Very beautiful rose! I'm not a fan of doing taxes. I'm so lucky my cousin is an accountant :).

D.J.Kirkby said...

Oh I forgot about the horrors of filling out income tax forms, I always got them wrong when I lived in Canada and I am so glad we don;t have to fill them out in England! Love the photo of the rose, very pretty little bud.

Jill said...

Nicki - Well there's something to look forward to...ICK! And thank you!

Maria - ME NEITHER! And I haven't even done them yet! Well, except for myself awhile back.

Thanks Brenda! And I'm trying to avoid the extension thing, because I don't want to prolong the mysery. Because it HAS been mysery!

Angela - You mean there's MORE that we need to do for these kids that our parents never did for us?!?!?!?

Thanks Tracy! And I'm almost at the point where I'd be GLAD to hand over $700 for someone to take this tax stuff off my hands. Surely they could just take it out of the return?!?!

Thanks Suzy! And I have a cousin who's an accountant too. I did call with a question but I feel bad about bothering her during such a busy time for accountants.

Oh my gosh DJ Kirkby - I'm definitely moving to England before taxes next year!!!! And thank you!

Reds said...

Too funny! Love the toilet story!! And that rose - wow!!

Arizaphale said...

Firstly, am I a little slow or did you change your template? Secondly, your photos this week are gold! the lizard, the rose? Gorgeous. Thirdly, don't even mention tax to me....I have a big bill looming. Don't ask >:-(
(and my word verification is 'costs')

Margaret said...

Fun lizard shot! Love the toilet being wheeled down the street, too....:)

As for taxes, I married a tax accountant...well at the time he was in college studying to be an I just have to sign the forms after he fills them out...

Of course, I hardly see him from January to April. Just a few more days and he will actually be able to spend some time at home!!

Janet said...

Gorgeous photos -- well, maybe not the toilet, but you know what I mean! Why in the world were 3 toilets sitting outside the school? Do we even want to know???

Bruce Johnson said...

I think it would have been worse if he was actually 'carring' the toilet down the street.

I threw in the towel this year and hired a CPS to do our taxes. To much has changed with the death of my parents and I just don't need the headache.

I know that the railroad questions stem from the early part of the century, when the railroad was deemed national infrastructure, and railroad workers were highly prized and benefited, into federal law. While they are not longer a part of the infrastruture, the laws still remain, and probably will long after railroads are thing of the past.

Jill said...

Thanks Reds!

Arizaphale - I changed it awhile back, but I tried not to change the colors. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted my header, which is what precipitated the entire thing. Sorry about the taxes. :-(

Thanks Margaret! And what luck on only having to sign your taxes! I get so stressed out about them.

Janet - They were actually lining the street that leads to the school. It actually looked like several houses on that street were all discarding their toilets at once for some reason. Who knows?!? And thank you on the pictures!

Bruce - It is SUCH a headache! I totally don't blame you. The-Guy thought I should do my own and it was only a day of suffering (as long as I did it right), but man oh man. I really felt like paying someone. Then again, a coworker was saying it costs $600 to do hers...

Marlene said...

Your photos are great! That little lizard is so adorable...and what a gorgeous rose.

The dude rolling the toilet down the street? Hmmm....that COULD have been my hubby a little while ago, since we recently replaced a shitter...but the farthest he would have rolled it was to the back of the pick-up in order to dispose of it properly.

Slyde said...

what site do you host your pics at? whatever it is, its filtered at my office because i can never see them..

Unknown said...

Since life itself is a gamble can I claim all my spending are gambling losses and get an exemption?

Jill said...

Thanks Marlene! And I dunno, he was just strolling down the road with it, no truck in sight!

Slyde - It's flickr. I guess this summer I should work on getting them the size I want just on blogger. I think I can do it, I just haven't been able to find the code the instructions I've looked at his talking about because I've changed my template around so much.

SJ - You have such GREAT ideas!

The Ceol Mors said...

That shot of the lizard is fantastic!

Mz-Cellaneous said...

"trying to figure out taxes" is like trying to figure out what a man is thinking. Sheesh.. impossible.

Jill said...

Thanks Cid!

And funny Mz-Cellaneous!


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