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Sunday, July 17, 2011

While I Wasn't Looking, Luxury Was Redefined to Include Trailer Homes

I didn't really know if I actually had enough silly in me this week for a blog post. I sort of was wondering if I'd just slap up a few more photos from Israel and call it a day.

But then suddenly last night I saw this sign:

And I thought,
"They've redefined luxury to mean a dilapidated motel in a questionable part of town? How 1984 of them!"
I had to go read Wikipedia and of course it turned out I was mixing up doublespeak and newspeak.

And THEN I saw this sign in the bathroom of the Shakespeare Pub:

And I thought,
"I NEVER hold down flashers in public restrooms! I'm obviously not doing my part to keep the bars, clubs, and music venues of Houston safe from perverts!"

Also this week I found out that royalty resides in trailer parks:

I thought kings' dwellings would be more ornate. But then I remembered that luxury had been redefined.

My mom and 10 year old cousin and I went on a geocaching expedition that included walking through here:

Instead of those giant windows, one of those windows was replaced by this:

Lo and behold, no one was sleeping. Or trespassing. Except for me, of course.

But another window was replaced by this sign:

And if I had a scratch and sniff blog, you would find that the level of compliance was not nearly so great for the polite, almost plaintive request.

And so now we know why so many signs are written in the imperative.

And then last but not least, I saw this book:

And so what can I really have to say about my week except that the silly, ridiculous and even absurd is alive and well.

Thanks to everyone for the condolences and I hope everyone's having a good weekend.


Pam said...

LOL! I love your sense of humor! And I'm glad you do not have a "scratch and sniff" blog when it comes to most of those photos. ;-)

Jill said...

Thanks Pam! Yeah a scratch and sniff blog would probably cut the number of people willing to visit my blog considerably!

Marlene said...

ROFL! Thank goodness this isn't a scratch and sniff blog! The imagination works well enough as it is!

Nicki said...

Better title: Dirty Jokes! that toilet is disgusting!

Jill said...

Marlene - Yeah, probably best it's not! :-)

Nicki - Maybe I shouldn't have gone quite so realistic on the toilet picture. Doesn't Coffeeshop blog or Pioneer woman or someone have like a mildew softening action or something? :-) :-) :-) And that was the WOMEN'S room for crying out loud!

Amanda said...

The toilet sign made me laugh :) Great signs!

Maria said...

Yuk! Pretty gross! But also . . . pretty funny! I read recently that there are rooms at Versailles impregnated with the smell of urine. Towards the end of the reign of Louis XVI, Versailles went into neglect and apparently people would relief themselves in secluded corners and hallways . . . I would have never thought to put Versailles and urine in the same sentence before . . .

MarkD60 said...

Where were you to see all this weird stuff?
We geocache too!

Reds said...

LOL - love love love your signs blog posts!!

Jill said...

Thanks Amanda!

Well there we go Maria! You see?!?!?!?! I KNEW Houston had a lot going for it & here it is right up with Versailles in the urine department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark - I got all the pictures this week from inside Houston city limits. Except for the book, which I saw on the internet & just couldn't pass up.

On geocaching - I love it but we rarely have time except during the heat of the summer. I wish we had found one for my little cousin, because I'm not sure I convinced him that traipsing around in the 99 degree weather and hot sun was an activity worth repeating.

Thanks Reds!

Margaret said...

Wow! Thanks for the chuckles today! And like the others, I am really glad you do not have a scratch and sniff blog. :)

Kerry McKibbins said...

I love this post. I love how you "see" things.
I really have to start carrying my camera around with me.

Tracy said...

LMAO. You crack me up.
Good thing we carry our camera's with us everywhere, or we would never have got the photo's we needed from the rest room, lol

Jill said...

Thanks Margaret & Kerry!

And Tracy - Of course! We DO need cameras everywhere! How else could I have two whole categories on restrooms?!?!

Slyde said...

i dont touch ANYTHING in a public restroom that i cant kick with my feet... not gonna happen.

Bruce Johnson said...

Geocaching rocks.....I have found about 40 in my lifetime. So much better for children than video games.

Luxury redefined is just indicative of the the word smithing and spin doctoring that is rampant in our world these days. My agency puts out an annual report that trumpets what a great job we are doing, yet those that have worked here long enough know we aren't doing a third of what we used to do 10 years ago. Redefined indeed......:(

Jill said...

Slyde - Probably a good idea. Then again, a friend of mine told me about her friend licking the floor behind the toilet at one of my very favorite scummy bars, and he lived to tell the tale.

Jill said...

Oh! Bruce- I guess you visited while I was looking up the bathroom floor licking!!!!! I think Geocaching is way, way better than video games! On your work...I dunno. Maybe they couldn't bring themselves to tell everyone they stink. :-( :-( :-(

The Ceol Mors said...

Luxury Redefined indeed. I am stealing that little phrase and wworking it into my lexicon.

Jill said...

Oh Cid I imagine that the opportunities to use it would abound during life at seat!


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