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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Well SOMEONE Has to Demolish Houston. Apparently.

It seems that Houston is being demolished:

What can I say? I guess it has to be done.

Other than that, there's not so much going on around here. Mostly I've been taking pictures of these nice people:

I've been taking some flower pictures too, as usual:
And teaching school and stuff. Hope everyone has had a nice week so far!


The Ceol Mors said...

Lovely photos Jill!

Tracy said...

Nice photography.
No flowers left here, Fall is killing them, :(

Ingrid said...

You have got to be kidding me, how are these your kids?! Weren't they two feet shorter and five years younger last time you blogged about them?


MarkD60 said...

I guess nobody cares they're demolishing Houston

Reds said...

Didn't know Houston was getting demolished!! LOL! Great shots of your cute kids! And love that flower shot!

Janet said...

Beautiful photos, Jill!

Marlene said...

Your photography is very pleasing to the eye...and I must admit, I laughed out loud at the "demolishing Houston" thing. :)

Esther said...

Love the lighting in the last two shots...the rich background in the first, and the hazy backlight in the second. Beautiful!

Jill said...

Thanks Cid!

Thanks Tracy! Sorry yours are gone, maybe you need to come visit Texas. :-)

Ingrid - I think so!

Mark - Yeah, I guess not! Seeing as we're like the fourth or fifth biggest city, you'd think it would bother *somebody*...how does that Randy Newman song go? "Boom goes London, boom Paris. More room for you and more room for me..."

Thanks Reds, Janet, Marlene, & Esther!

Arizaphale said...

Hmmm...those wreckers need to learn a little about verb nominalisation! Sorry, they're pushing that one lately, over here!
'they were dreaming of succeeding..' becomes 'their dreams of success..'
As for those lovely shots...*sigh*

Slyde said...

ALL of Houston?

they're gonna need a bigger truck!

Eric Indiana said...

Hi - great pictures, beautiful kids. I'm the Eric from daisybrain.com. I noticed we have a lot in common: I have a 13 year old son & a 20-something stepdaughter. I'm Jewish, and a teacher. But I can't picture myself living in Texas, so I know we're not the same person.

- Eric


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