I'm FINE! But still, I think two car accidents by the second trimester of pregnancy is really more than enough | Do Try This at Home: I'm FINE! But still, I think two car accidents by the second trimester of pregnancy is really more than enough

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm FINE! But still, I think two car accidents by the second trimester of pregnancy is really more than enough

Even though I'm only a few months along here, I've already been in two car accidents (one minor, the other quite possibly requiring a new car). In addition, I've already been kind enough to expose this new baby to fifth's disease, more varieties of the common cold than you can shake a stick at, ringworm, at least two different stomach viruses, and evacuation from a building because of the carbon monoxide levels. It's been fun so far.

As for the old babies, my boy turns 14 today! Here he is back when a slice of pizza was as big as his head:

And on his first birthday:

In totally unrelated news, I haven't really gotten too many sign pictures. Despite the fact that I haven't posted forever, I only have this one measly little sign. It's the Kumon guy.

Kumon is a tutoring place and apparently they do so much homework that the poor little logo guy can't even manage to smile. But at least they don't try and trick the kids into thinking they're going to have fun while they learn.

So happy birthday to my boy & hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far!


Nicki said...

this new baby is going to be a resilient one. Happy Birthday to your son.

Arizaphale said...

Good to hear from you kid. Hope things are settling down. Don't like the sound of the car accidents...whose fault??? Love that shot of J at 1, with the neckerchief and all......oh and they run Kumon in our church hall and I can attest to the fact that all the children look exactly like that sign :-) But at least they're learning.

Jill said...

Thanks Nicki!

Arizaphale - One my fault, the other not my fault. Of course, the one that was my fault would be the one that I ended up in the emergency room and needing a new car...oh well.

Anonymous said...

Happy 14th Birthday Jared and many more!!!! :)

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to your baby :)
I'm worried about you lady, I think you should lock yourself in the house and not leave until this little one is born ;)

Becca said...

I agree with Nicki...the new baby is going to be tough cookie! :)

Happy 14th birthday to your son.

Beth said...

Haven't read any blogs in a long time, decided to check in on yours. Love the new look! you and baby will be fine, I know I spoke with you so I know you are OK and remember, we all have accidents, that is why they are called accidents, no guilt, got that? As I told you before, we ladies at chick fil a feel that you are having "our" baby so anything you need, you let us know!

Reds said...

Glad you and your baby are ok after 2 accidents! And happy birthday to your son!

Jill said...

Thanks Anonymous!

Tracy - I didn't have any choice today actually. But that's because the car (my stepdaughter's, not the one I wrecked) wouldn't start. So I'm stuck here.

Thanks Becca!

Thanks Beth! I was going to say in that case let's reschedule chick-fil-a for like 2:00 am when the baby is awake & crying. But then I remembered that you're usually awake at that time anyway! :-)

Thanks Reds!

Staci said...

I agree! This kiddo is definitely going to be able to withstand anything! My DS was exposed to a few diseases (and only one car accident)in the womb and he's one strong guy!

Happy birthday to your DS!

Kerry McKibbins said...

That's one tough kid you're growing there!
Love the Kumon guy, lol.


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