Why one cat inspires profound life lessons while the other is content with a little affection & provoking the occasional murderous rage is beyond me | Do Try This at Home: Why one cat inspires profound life lessons while the other is content with a little affection & provoking the occasional murderous rage is beyond me

Monday, February 06, 2012

Why one cat inspires profound life lessons while the other is content with a little affection & provoking the occasional murderous rage is beyond me

I've been feeling so much better and puking seldom enough that it came as a complete surprise to me that I could test out our new toilet flusher The-Guy put in. We can flush our toilet the way they do in Israel, with either a half or a whole flush. We've only had it two days, so I'm still watching each flush to make sure everything disappears.

On that happy note, I'm here to tell you that you can save water by flushing puke on the low flush.

In other news, I read a book about a blind cat named Homer who provides all kinds of inspiration to his owner (and most everyone he meets) and even chases off a burglar who invades their home while his owner is sleeping.
(picture from: Trial by Sapphire blog)

Homer the cat is really a LOT like my cat Sugar Tov. For example, Sugar ALSO howls (and throws his body against the door to "knock") at three o'clock in the morning when he feels he has been unjustly exiled from the bedroom.

Just like Homer, Sugar loves playing guitar:

And Sugar ALSO feels the need to greet every guest, even answering the door to make sure they feel welcome. Of course, he might bite a guest's face off unprovoked at any moment during the visit, but he is quite solicitous and welcoming right up until the second he turns on the unsuspecting guest.

Sugar did not go through all the trials and tribulations that Homer did. But he went through a hurricane. And look how valiantly he guarded the mattresses!

Plus, he's extremely pious:

All in all, I'm not really sure why Homer inspires lessons about love and life, while Sugar mostly inspires murderous rage in addition to a little affection here and there. It must be human error.


The Ceol Mors said...

Sugar has SWAGGER! Beat that Homer.

Tracy said...

LOL, I love the photo of your cat on the mattress, lol.
We have had our cat for about 14 years, and some still don't know we have one. She is very shy ;)

My FIL has one of those toilets. Good to know puke only needs the small flush...not that I plan on puking while I am visiting, lol.

Ingrid said...

I can't believe how many funny shots you get of Sugar. I've had cars that lived to be 15, and every single picture taken of them, they're just sitting there with a look on their face that clearly says "whut?"

Jill said...

Cid - Yeah! Beat that Homer! :-) And plus, Sugar was actually good last night (didn't try & beat the door down at 3:00 am) so I might actually let him live. :-)

Tracy & Ingrid - We have another cat like that, Nimue. Or as other people have called him, "That cat you never talk about". Sugar really thinks he's a person. Or a dog. Or maybe both. Ingrid, these are just a FEW of the crazy Sugar pictures. The sweet pea was asking me to put in more, but I felt I needed to pare it down some. :-)

Verdant Earl said...

We have 4 cats. 2 are of the "profound life lessons" variety. The other 2 are well on the "occasional murderous rage" side of the fence.

Cats are a crap shoot.

Arizaphale said...

"Cats are a crap shoot"! hahahahahahah Of our three, one thinks she's a dog. One is neurotic and one has never recovered from her feral beginnings. What they provoke depends on who you ask!! :-D Love the Sugar pix. He is a character!!

Jill said...

Earl - Yeah, I guess so on the crap shoot. :-) :-) :-) I grew up with a cat that liked to answer the phone, one that would use the bathroom on the toilet, and one that thought she was a dog. I never even knew about the murderous rage variety until this one!

Thanks Arizaphale! I had to choose carefully on the pictures. I had posted quite a few of them before but... I think they might ALL be a touch neurotic though, right? :-)

Slyde said...

wow, what a great idea for a toilet... see, you learn something new about the world everyday!

Jim said...

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