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Sunday, October 05, 2014

On the Stuff I Didn't Do This Weekend

First and foremost what I didn't do on Saturday was eat.  It was Yom Kippur and so that means fasting.  I'm a lousy, lousy faster.  Pretty much all I can think about the whole day is whether or not I'm going to pass out out.

It may or may not be evident that I did a little redecorating around Blogsilvania.  Needless to say, I didn't spend a lot of time thinking up delightful and inviting writing and photographs to offer all four of my faithful readers (Hi Cid!  Hi Mom!  Hi Dad!  Hi Mark!).

I did figure out more or less how to use Adsense, but they put an ad on my blog for Philippine p 0 r n.  So then I had to un-figure it out sort of quickly.

I'm working on trying to get like a nice Zullilly or Gymboree or something.

Meanwhile, we made eggplant bites (perfect for people who hate eggplant with a passion, but whose husband grows tons of it in the garden).

But, I didn't have time to write it up into a recipe yet.

Other posts I did not complete this weekend included another play dough recipe, a bubble recipe, and a free download.

So that means, if you're here from Blogsville, feel free to vote in the comments whether my first free download should be a texture or a recipe card.  Cause I'm nice, right?

Meanwhile, if you're here to see Philippine p 0 r n, you're totally out of luck.  But if you came to see a cute baby, I at least managed to snap this:

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Renee from A Baker's Dozen said...

Bummer, I only came for the p 0 rn...

Jill said...

Dag nab it Renee! How many times do I have to tell you this is a family friendly website?!?!? :-)

Tracy said...

I have never tried eggplant before.
Had a nice laugh at your ad porn..I'm sure your parents would be impressed, teehee.

Jill said...

It was quite the surprise for The-Guy and me this morning, that's for certain Tracy!!!!!

MarkD60 said...

This year a made a conscious decision to skip Yom Kippur because it fell on a Shabbos.

Jill said...

Good thinking Mark! Wouldn't want to miss out on the challah. :-)


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