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Friday, September 25, 2015

Staph: much like lice, except with the option to become deadly

On the off chance you've been wondering where I've been lately, the answer is underneath a mountain of laundry. My boy has had staph again. Staph is exactly like lice, scabies, and barf: it produces much laundry. Except, unlike lice, staph can eat your face off.

I've also made the mistake of asking my good buddy Google about the illness, something you're never, ever supposed to do for ailments of any kind.  Although Google is not normally one of those friends prone to drama, response to medical issues tends to be grotesque enough to toss even the healthiest person into a panic attack and/or OCD tailspin.

I'd ask someone to pass me some anti-anxiety meds or a drink, but I'm afraid it might relax me enough to miss a germ or microbe here or there. Instead, I'll just amp up coating everything in essential oils, keep the washing machine running, and post a few pictures. Either that or burn down the entire house and start over, one or the other.

Happy week everyone!

Obviously not at all worried about living in a disease-ridden home


Unknown said...

Eeep! Not fun!

Stay AWAY from Dr. Google! Dr. Google has the worst bedside manner (and tends to show terrifying photos). lol

Wishing your household strength and good health.

Arizaphale said...

Oh that middle photo! Frame it! It is too gorgeous!! Love her stars and stripes bathers. (PS: I think bathers must be a very South Australian word. In NSW they are swimmers or your cossie and in Queensland they're called togs. What do YOU call them??)
And good luck with the germs. Can't be easy with renos going on too. I'm sure it will all be under control soon....

Julie S said...

Dr. Google can be quite scary and makes you imagine the worst. Hope your little gets well soon. And those photos, oh so lovely!


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