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Friday, July 27, 2007

Bathroom Humor

Enough of these blog awards, pretty and pink as some of them may be…let’s get back to the subject of bodily functions and, more specifically, where to perform them. To that end I would like to invent and bestow my own award.

This award has several categories and will be presented in parts so that I don’t have to fool with my camera just yet. Rest assured bathroom pictures in other categories will be forthcoming.

Best Bathroom Award

Best Travel Bathroom
There’s really no need to take a rest stop anywhere other than Bucky’s on the San Antonio Houston route.
You’ll have no trouble finding it either, because their billboards advertise clean restrooms for miles in either direction. And why not? Because what on earth could go better with a seven gallon fountain drink than a clean restroom?

Best Port-a-Potty
Most people are well aware that port a potties can be pretty scary.
One can probably contract several diseases just by glancing around the general vicinity, never mind actually entering one. The port a potties outside the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York are an exception. They are not only hands down the most sanitary I’ve ever seen, they actually feature (*gasp*) toilet paper! I think they're even cleaner than the restrooms inside the actual museum.

To copy Ricardo (and Ms.Q & Irisi copying Ricardo I believe)…

Coming up:
Best Coffee Shop Bathroom
Best Bar/Club Bathroom


Maureen said...

Ah, you could hire my daughter as a "roving reporter".... she visits every bathroom EVERYWHERE we go. She even rates them too....


And I just heard today on the radio that apparently 40% of women don't use the bathroom at work. Wow, now that's what I call control.

Anonymous said...

Ah bathrooms. There's nothing like them. You can't live with them (sometimes), and you definitely can't live without them (unless you like peeing in a bed pan).

Since it's related, I thought that I'd mention that I wrote a post On Bathroom Behavior that you might find amusing. Or you might not. That's fine, too. :)

Heather said...

My mom too could be a "roving reporter" like Maureen's daughter. I'm sure she's stopped at every holiday station between here and Northern MN! Can't wait to find who/where gets the best bar bathroom! I know a lot of them in WI that wouldn't!

Love your purse posts! I'm sure my mom's purse rivals yours. Which is why mine has so little! You must have a very strong shoulder!!

Lara Neves said...

Nothing worse than having to use the bathroom on a road trip. I hate it. Public bathrooms are the only thing I get weirded out about. Blech.

Disa said...

on a road i have held the stearng wheel, while the drive peed into a bike water bottle in order to avoid stopping. lets just say the bottle wasnt big enough to accomdate overflow, and we had to pull over and stop anyway. ..
(i found it funny- it wasnt my car)

Yellow Fence said...

LOVE IT! I'll be checking back to see the bathroom updates.

Jill said...

Maureen - Maybe they're job is so busy they don't have time? I drink way too much water during the day for that. :-0

DW - Yes - amusing! :-)

Heather - I seem to have a **lot** to say about that best bar/club bathroom. I'm trying to pare it down a little before I post. :-)

Lara - maybe Bucky's will move into your area! :-)

Disa - You guys *really* must not have wanted to stop! Weren't there any trees around or something?!?! Also, you know you can make a little stall if you have a four door car. Hope it was the *driver's* car at least!! :-0

YF - Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a dude: I can relieve myself wherever (I'm being honest!)

DJ Kirkby said...

What a great post! I have given you an award (sorry hon) but I feel you deserve it, and it isnt pink (I say in my defence!).

Jill said...

TS - Well they do say it's the best policy. :-)

DJ Kirkby - Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what you mean by that last bit about copying Ricardo and all that.

I've written about bathrooms - primarily airport restrooms and even have a bathroom category so is that what you're referring to?

And yes, Derek Wong of "Going The Wong Way" does have many posts of relating to public restrooms. My guess he is also someone who carries some type of hand sanitizer with him!

Jill said...

I just meant about that "coming up" or " thing - you know, I had asked you about that?

I go up and down with the germ-a-phobia. I happen to be at a low point at the moment - that's why no hand sanitizer in my purse photo.

I'd be willing to bet it's a little harder to get out of a men's room without picking up germs. Not to be sexist or anything...just that it seems like women have to touch less on any given bathroom trip. :-0

Anonymous said...

ah, thanks for the clarification - I had no context for the "to copy" when you wrote "coming up"

When it comes to who touches more in a public restroom I was always under the impression that women had more opportunities to pick up germs - from the stall doors to the fact that we use "products" which means more touching of containers and self and what all.

My understanding is that men can get away with (in the best-case sweatsuit wearing scenario) one big tug down, then a pull out, a wee, a sharp shake, a tuck and a pull up or release (if the elastic is still good enough to snap back).


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