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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Best Bathroom Award Part III - Best Coffee/Tea Shop Bathroom

Ok, so I might be a little biased ‘cause I like Mike and Stacy, but where else in Houston are you going to find a public bathroom, coffee/tea shop or otherwise with a bidet?!?!?

I’ve never actually used a bidet, had only heard of one once when a friend’s daughter enthusiastically announced at a party, “They’ve got a toilet that washes your BUTT!!!!!!” It must wash more than your boohonkus though, otherwise the men’s room would also feature said contraption (it doesn't).

As if a bidet weren’t enough, the restroom in Fioza is fastidiously clean, with a sign announcing the restroom is cleaned “periodically”.
That’s reassuring, isn’t it? Mike’s not going to make any promises he can’t keep as far as restroom cleanliness goes. Still, you could eat off the floor in that restroom. Of course, that might be a more important quality in a bar/club restroom than a coffee and tea shop, depending on your drinking habits.

Here’s the men’s room. It’s every bit as clean as the women’s room, and what male doesn’t enjoy smelling potpourri while washing up?

The bathroom, like the rest of Fioza, has a modern yet cozy feel. I’d give the credit for the d├ęcor to his mom, but if the two pictures on the back wall are any indication, his mom actually didn’t have all that much to do with it. Let's credit Stacy. See? Here's one of Mom's:

Here are Mike and Stacy:

Mike even lets me redecorate on occasion, or at least doesn’t complain when my instruments and other decorations come there to live for a spell. (It’s ok Mike, really, you can tell me when you’re ready for my collage to come home.)

If the bathrooms themselves don’t merit a visit to Fioza, Mike and Stacey are just the very nicest people. Someone even suggested to me that if and when I went on a traditional date, that it be at Fioza.

It sounded like an awful idea at the time. Why would I want an audience for awkwardness and discomfort? Wouldn’t someplace with alcohol be better? Then again, Mike strikes me as intensely sane and I’d definitely trust his judgment on…well…probably any number of things...but potential dates for certain.

If you do go to Fioza, try some tapioca in your drink. Contrary to popular belief, those little guys do not taste a thing like fish eyeballs!

Ok, so I’ve never actually tasted a fish eyeball. They're sort of like a cherry sour without the sweet. Mike has no idea why tea tapioca would be black while cooking tapioca is white, so if you have any idea, you can let him know on your way in or out of the gorgeous restrooms.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is a clean bathroom... But I still do not think i would eat off the floor. But th fact that I could would make me want to eat and drink there all together.

Anonymous said...

That is a nice bathroom. But where is a photo of the bidet? I hadn't realized you were in Houston? Dang. Freakin' hot and humid there. Not to mention freakin' big (that's redundant) Palmetto Bugs.

I have never used a bidet. I asked someone who was familiar with them and she said, "Oh, you can face either way and turn the knobs behind you if you're experienced."

Uh...huh. I am thinking well..from the way I see it it's a sink for your a** and I'm not putting my a** where other a**es have gone before. Plus, some bidets had a faucet (just like a sink) so I wasn't sure how THAT worked and some had this I dunno, shower head on the bottom so I'm guessing water shot UP at your bottom.

Sigh. I am so American. And American's are considered unhygienic because guess what, we use TP instead of washing up nicely like the rest of the civilized world.

Anonymous said...

In most parts of SE Asia it is standard practice to use a mini 'shower' hose to blow water up your ass.

To be honest, you kind of get used to it after a while (and anyway, I think it's more hygienic than using TP).

Jill said...

Pattye - You're right, I prefer any meal I eat off the floor to be at a bar or club, thanks very much. KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms.Q - Mike said the hose with the little sprinkler thing was the bidet. It doesn't have any knobs - just looks like one of those things that sprays dishes from the sink.

I didn't know we were unhygienic! I could definitely see where a sprinkler system could be cleaner than toilet paper though.

I'm thinking it's a good thing they *don't* have them in the bar/club bathrooms though.

Jill said...

TS - So they have them in the men's room too there I guess. Mike doesn't - I checked. I copied you on that part, btw: (it doesn't) :-0 :-0 I agree it seems like it has potential for being much more hygienic. Then again it also seems like it could have potential for being less hygienic. Seems like you'd have to wind up using toilet paper anyway though.

DJ Kirkby said...

What a fab post, this could be the start of a whole new career for you! Market your skills woman!

Anonymous said...

Here in Korea they NEVER have TP (you have to buy your own).

That said, I'd never use a public toilet here anyway (one only has to look at the picture that SaraDevil posted in your last thread).

Debbi said...

WOW! A bidet in a public potty. Never heard of that. They have to win best overall bathroom with excessories. Pretty cool. I am a little worried about Korea not having any TP. That just sounds crazy to me. Who would have thought?

Brown English Muffin said...

wow I have never even heard of a bidet in a public bathrooms...especially as the use of a bidet is such a private matter.

It makes me laugh though when people don't know what is is, how to pronounce it or what it does! I chuckle inside...being from England the concept is widely understood!!

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious that you have all of these bathroom reviews. I think that I do the same thing in my head after I go to public bathrooms, but I don't go into detail nor do I post it online. I was thinking that maybe I should.

And that bathroom IS super nice. Did you have to knock and ask if there was anyone in there before you entered like the janitors have to?

Jill said...

DJ Kirkby - I suppose either of the career goals I had as a child of being a gypsy or a trucker (or a cowgirl or a beach bum or a out of five isn't bad I guess) would work well with a side job of public restroom evaluation. :-) :-) :-) My old best friend wanted to grow up to be a tourist - we could have been business partners!

TS - Well, I guess when you can relieve yourself wherever, why choose a restroom?!? :-)

Debbi - Though I guess if you carry your own you never have to worry. And I could fit a roll of toilet paper in my purse no problem!

Brown Eng. M. - So they're just in houses in England and not in the coffee shop restrooms?

Derek - Nah. The table I like isn't far from the hallway, so I know if anyone's in there. Why? Do men actually care if women with cameras burst in on them in the restroom? Yeah...I think I need to quit with the bathroom awards actually. I'm ending up sounding more sexist than I actually like to think of myself.

Carey said...

Thanks for the bathroom inspection, next time I am in Texas, I will know where to find a clean potty and safe eats! Don't they say a clean bathroom means a clean kitchen?

Although, a public bidet scares me slightly.

Disa said...

i find it so bloody irritating once you have maneuvered yourself inside a stall (why does the door always open IN?!!! getting out involves so much shuffling and trying not to stand on the toilet) and for those of us that were trained to "perch and hover" by our ocd mothers from an early age, there is so little room between the edge of the toilet and the door, that you wind up banging your skull into the door as you try to move your centre of gravity forward so your cheeks/thighs dont touch any nasty, splashy, dirty toilet seat.

Maureen said...

So hopefully there were no guys in that men's room when you went in with a camera....

Anonymous said...

what in the hell is that drink that's pictured? it looks like a tapioca jelly parfait. let me guess....strawberry smoothie, mango jam, strawberry smoothie again, mango jelly and mojito slushie of keylime pie smoothie on the bottom. am i close?

Jill said...

Bastet - Seems like it would makes sense, though one would hope the kitchen would actually be *cleaner* than the bathroom!

Disa - I was lucky I guess - grandma was OCD enough to teach me to hover. :-)

Maureen - I (almost) always remember to check before I go bursting into the men's room with a camera...Kidding! I think I always remember to check!

Anon - That's called a Mike-&-Garrett-made-it-up-for-a-pretty picture-for-my-blog-slushie-and/or-slushie I'm going to call it a Twipply Skwood Smoothie... You're probably right on the key lime & strawberry, probably the jellies too. I'll have to ask next time I go by there!

Melissa said...

lol at you taking pictures of the mens room-hope you checked before entering with a camera ;)

Janet said...

And I'm really glad that you have never tasted a fish eyeball. :-)

Loving this "bathroom series"!

Ingrid said...

You know what I would love to do?

You know the fancy restaurants and clubs in movies and such that have bathroom attendants? Like the kind that spray you with stuff and towel-dry your hands? You have to tip them too, it's in the movies so I know it's true.

Anyway, I want to dress up as one of them and go to a truck stop/mom and pop restaurant and play the part. Have these very normal people walk into the "can" and be indulged with Chanel no5 and their hands dried for them. It would be REALLY funny if it was just a one person bathroom. They'd open the door and BAM! There I am, watching their every move.......ew.

I've said to much.....

Jill said...

Melissa - I *always*...ok, mostly always check!

Janet - Well you never much worse could they be than other super slimy food...okra, oysters...probably full of protein too. Or something. :-)i

Ok Ingrid, I vote you come along next time I'm exploring club and bar bathrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) But no, I hadn't heard of *professional* restroom stalkers!!!!

Irisi said...

So, my dad was raised in Greece, but on the lower rungs of society where they didn't have bidets in their bathroom, and, in fact, didn't really have bathrooms, just outhouses ever here and there.

So, when he "made it" as a successful businessman, he started being sent on company trips all over the world, often housed in very classy hotels that feature bidets. He still went on not really understanding their purpose, until two years ago we stayed in a house in Greece with a bidet.

Finally, he got up the courage to ask my mom what the mysterious second toilet squirty thing was, and she calmly explained the principals of butt washing.

He looked at her blankly for a few minutes before exclaiming,

"Oh, I thought it was to wash your feet.."


Jill said...

I think feet was a fair guess! :-)


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