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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Notice to Burglars

Ok all you burglars out there: my stuff's up for grabs! I'm going camping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I leave sometime next week and get back the day before yesterday...

I mean, not that I actually own anything worth stealing. I do have a TV I bought used for fifty dollars. Both my CD players put together probably aren't worth the gas money it would take to cross town to rob me.

There's always my engagement ring, but my marriage has been over awhile now so if you're really that desperate, go ahead and have at it. But, y'know, remember that I'm friendly with strangers, meaning I know a fair number of my neighbors. And (this being Texas) it's likely that one or more of them has a gun. Just keep your paws off my CDs and try not to let the cats out. Or the Doberman for that matter.

I think my camping list goes like this:
  1. Tent: check
  2. Lantern: check
  3. Hole where wisdom tooth used to be gushing blood: check
  4. Bodily functions conducive to conversations with random strangers in Walgreens: check
  5. Prediction for thunderstorms: check
This trip promises to be the very definition of fun! Can NOT wait!

I thought I'd tackle some tags before I went, but I'm beginning to see that one at a time might be all I can reasonably handle. I figured I should mostly go with men, since I did all women for the rockin' girl award.

So, going with most delinquent first: I got the Inspirational Blogger Award from DJ Kirkby (Thanks!) and would like to inflict it on:

People in the Sun: This guy inspired me to finally, finally finish my kid music post. Besides, he's just funny.

Total Spender: Another one that inspires me to laugh. Only problem is, lately either his internet or his liver gave out. Maybe both.

Unloaded: People like Ricardo just inspire me. I'd explain, but it would sound hokey, so I'll just leave it at that.

Ms.Q: Ok, so I tagged her twice and she's not male. But as I mentioned above, I had a wisdom tooth yanked out of my head this week and her post about letting go of fear really did help. I gave careful consideration to a full blown panic attack. The words, "I'm not doing this! I'm going home!" actually went through my mind. Then I remembered Ms.Q's post and thought, "I've gotten a belly button ring and had a baby with no anesthesia, both on purpose. This should be a piece of cake!"

Homeless Family's Blog: This is probably the most inspirational in the traditional sense of the award. I don't understand 3/4 of what John has to say, but if you can't be inspired by a blog dedicated to reducing homelessness, probably you ought to stop reading and go see if you can figure out where you last left your heart. Or, go rob my place. Just donate the proceeds from my engagement ring to the homeless, would'ja?


Anonymous said...

Ack! I'm busy all day and barely online and I go to check yours and Ricardo's (Unloaded) blog and you done tagged me!

I'm still behind on my tags, too. I need to do the 7Ps (NoDirectOn) and you added this one. Ooch.

But thank you for saying I inspire you and wow, you're an inspiration yourself for overcoming your fear of getting your wisdom tooth pulled outta your head! You're setting an excellent example for your children. I know, another thing for the list: Be example for children.

When it comes to getting stuff stolen, from the sounds of it, if burglars came by they might thing, "dang, this place done been robbed already." or they might take stuff and you would think, "Hmm, this place looks neater than I remember." or you'd have a message waiting from your neighbor saying you owe him/her a few bucks because they left some buckshot in someone's backside and they have to buy some more.

Disa said...

i think total spender's liver finally has packed it in, it's disturbingly quiet over on

Jill said...

Oops! Sorry Ms.Q - I should have mentioned: I don't expect anyone ****else**** to feel obligated to complete this just 'cause I did!!!! And even I took a month to do it...

Disa - :-0 :-0 :-0 That doesn't seem like spending. Or drinking. ;-0

Saradevil said...

I miss living in a neighborhood where most of my neighbors were gun totting lunatics.


Sherri said...

I don't know if any of my neighbors are "gun totting lunatics" but it's always good to have a few to watch out for you when you're gone. Loved your post...I'll have to check into the blogs you awarded.

John C said...


Unknown said...

Have a fun trip.

Maybe you should leave notes on the stuff saying "you can steal this" and "please don't steal this"?

Beth said...

have fun on your trip! you should have called me to hold your hand while you had your tooth pulled, I had 4 impacted and it seems like yesterday when I had them yanked! Besides, I have nothing to do nowdays, the diversion from extreme boredom would have been a nice change!

Jill said...

Saradevil - Wanna house sit? :-)

Thanks Sherri! Yes, I've had good luck with neighbors. :-)

John C. - SEE?!?!?! Although it's usually the computer stuff that leaves me bewildered.

SJ - That's a GREAT idea! Why didn't I think of that?

Beth - Hey that would have been a great idea ****IF***** I had realized I was going to be scared BEFORE he started describing his implements of destruction and how he was going to use them.

I think it was when he held up that one tool and said something along the lines of "I'm going to use this like a crow bar. Don't worry, that sound you're going to hear is just your tooth separating from the bone..." that I realized I might actually rather be home, reading a book or something.

Thanks for the offer though! :-) :-) :-) I still have 75% of my wisdom, so I'm sure he'll want to relieve me of that at some point...

Lynn said...

Just love your post today!It always brings a smile to my face. Wow... camping, sounds like loads of fun. I haven't been camping in years.
I have to agree with some of the others... I miss my gun toting neighbors. Here they just have a hose and lawnmower, lol.
I have a fear of the dentist also. Don't feel bad. I have an anxiety attack the minute I walk in the place.
I sure hope the weather is beautiful for you during your camping trip. Have fun and keep the mosquitoes away!

Debbi said...

Have a great time camping. No robberies in my plans this weekend

toners said...

Well done with the wisdom tooth...I had mine taken out a few years ago and definitely feel your pain....

Enjoy your camping!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Enjoy! You said you couldn't find my award. i have it on the top-ish right hand side of my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jill for the *hat tip*. Much appreciated !

I can assure you that my liver is holding up (although for how much longer I don't know).

The site is now back up and running (which is ironic, seeing as I'm not exactly 'up and running').

Anyway, you have inspired me to drink more seeing as I didn't make it as number one on the delinquent list !

Thanks again !

Jill said...

Thanks Lynn! You know, amazingly enough, I was just about to post that we've been attacked by every other type of bug known to man EXCEPT mosquitoes!

Debbi - That's too bad! My tv even has bumper stickers. :-)

Toners - Thanks & I did!

DJ Kirkby - Thanks & I'll go look!

TS - Always reassuring to have an update on your liver! I just finished reading a biography of a guy who more or less died of alcoholism. Probably Griff has a point that it seems even less fun than your recent digestive tract woes, so it's good that it's hanging in there.

People in the Sun said...

Hey, I finally did the tag! (and thanks).


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