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Sunday, June 22, 2008

R U Hairy?

I thought about just copying People in the Sun's post about leaving and vacationing and all that, but he wasn't actually around to ask permission. So, instead I gotta just think up my own vacation posts that I won't be able to answer, because (are you paying attention burglars?) if this works correctly, I'll be out of town when this posts.

Before I left I saw a sign for this place that actually had their phone number listed in huge letters covering most of the billboard as (713) R-U-HAIRY?

Y'know, maybe I'm hairy and maybe I'm not (I'm not), but if I'm going to let someone alter my body with a laser, that person is going to need better credentials than just "I can turn a telephone number into a cute potential text message."

Maybe there's a whole demographic they're aiming for: fun loving folks who love to joke around about having their hair follicles permanently destroyed via laser. But me, I want someone meticulous and serious destroying my unnecessary body parts or making any permanent change to my appearance, particularly in some of the places where laser hair removal is commonly performed.

That's why Jesus was so perfect for my belly button ring. He didn't care how many jokes I made while he was preparing to pierce; he was going to concentrate on doing it right.

At any rate, if you want someone who can make jokes AND come at you with a laser, I guess I'll go ahead & recommend the R U Hairy folks. Though I'd personally be afraid of someone joking and laughing while altering the appearance of my face.

And if you want someone to incredibly serious and focused while poking your body full of holes, I actually do highly recommend Jesus.


Bruce Johnson said...

As for stupid signs of the day, I saw a business proposal in the back of a compact mini-van yesterday...."Are cell phones causing you CANCER!"...call XXX-XXX-XXXX to find out and take action.

Most people I know would rather HAVE cancer than give up their cell phone....so what is the point?

Kerry McKibbins said...

You are so funny!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

I love love love that your piercer's name is Jesus. And I love on his website it says, "Jesus piercing you since 2002."

Priceless. How can you go wrong with a piercer named Jesus?

Jill said...

Lotus - I dunno...I'm not a big fan of cancer. I never know what to think on that one. Wasn't it already like the NINETIES before they proved a direct link between cigarettes and cancer? Or is that my imagination?

Thanks Kerry!

Curly - Yeah, a couple of my friends got a big kick out of his name too. :-)


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