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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Or happy belated day I guess. I wanted do a whole happy inauguration day post yesterday. I even wanted to find this picture somewhere on the internet to go with it:And I wouldn't even have had to look hard, because I just now stole it right off my friend Jeff's blog. But as is usual for a Tuesday, I never even got time to turn on my computer, much less check email or write a blog post.

But anyway, happy belated inauguration day people! 'Cause who the heck doesn't deserve a little hope?!?!

I also wanted to backtrack on my last post. Reading a book with an ACTUAL senator in it would be so far removed from my mind that it just didn't even occur to me as a possibility.

I was talking more the kind of fiction book where you're minding your own business and suddenly there's a senator in the book. I used to read a lot of murder mystery books, and whenever a senator was involved, I just abandoned reading.

Because you know if there's a senator in the story, pretty soon there's going to be a cocktail party and then somebody's dress will be described in great detail. And who even needs all that in a murder mystery? Just, y'know, a dead person and trying to figure out who did it is good enough for me.

Next the Jesus Music. A Free Man mentioned "bad Christian rock". I'm thinking that by A Free Man's very definition, it's probably, well...bad. I can't really offer much more judgment on that type of music, because I don't know any Christian rock, much less have an ability to tell good from bad.

But I wasn't talking Christian rock. I was talking "Oh Happy Day!" Spirituals, gospel, that kind of thing. And of course, "Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goal Posts of Life." That's the type of music I was hoping Jeff would serenade me and The-Guy-Who-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken with. 'Cause who the heck doesn't deserve a little hope?!?


Anonymous said...

To me, all Christian rock is bad due to the false propaganda it peddles. But I won't deny its occasional catchiness, as evidenced by this recent Internet sensation circa 1981:


BTW, I got a reissued CD by a certain band in my mailbox yesterday. Thought of you and your blog first. Can you guess?

Denise said...

I enjoyed your post on the Inauguration. I used the same picture on mine!

p.s. found your blog through 2peas!

Anonymous said...

Glad you cleared that up, both the Christian music part and the senator part.

Noelia said...

I watched the inauguration yesterday and loved every bit of it. Even here in Canada there was a lot of agitation about it.

Anonymous said...

I would never serenade you and the dude (not the one from the Big Lebowski, but you know) with Christian rock. That's sacrilege, you know, rock and roll sacrilege. Whatever.

Jill said...

Jeffrey Thames [King of Grief] - That's funny, because I'm pretty sure when I was answering phones for pledge drive the other day I heard someone say Pavement had a new CD out... :-) Good luck w/the pledge drive, btw!

Thanks Denise!

Kristine - :-) All good now!!!!

Noelia - That's good!! I think agitation is good at least...let's call it excitement. :-) :-) :-)

Jeff - Phew! I was worried there for a minute!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Unknown said...

What if the senator is the murder victim? Or what if he (or she) is the murderer and ... this is why it's fiction... gets caught and faces justice :)

Unknown said...

An dyes Oh Happy Day :)

Jill said...

I dunno SJ...I think you're still taking your chances on getting roped into a description of some fancy coctail party dress. :-0 Very funny on the fictional outcome! :-)

A Free Man said...

I love that image. A fellow blogger sent me a whole load of Obama schwag a few weeks ago, including that poster. I'm going to get it framed!

I don't mind religious music - gospel particularly, it's just Christian rock that drives me nuts. It's kind of like apple and oranges - rock and roll and evangelical Christianity. Just doesn't work.


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