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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Winter Break...Or did we break winter? I can never remember...

For reasons best described as "things that wouldn't be any fun to explain," we decided not to have a New Year's party this year. As it turns out though, we're not quite as good at not having a party as we thought we'd be.

There's a very fine distinction between having a party and inviting over some people to eat and drink and sing and talk and yell "Happy New Year" and stuff. I'm not exactly sure what the distinction is, but for what it's worth, we did the latter.

Here's us on New Year's Eve, not having a party:See the man in a chair on crutches and in a leg brace over to the left? That's my brother.

And here's my brother again handing out glasses from the champagne tower he poured: He poured it NOT because we were having a party, mind you, but because he's the best brother in the universe and it makes his sister happy to see him pour a champagne tower in a silly hat. Have I mentioned he's the greatest brother in the entire world?

Anyhow, he busted up his knee in a sledding accident and now has to try and chase this cute guy around while on crutches:Not to worry though, he's got all kinds of information at his disposal to help him out. Look, here's a helpful tip from the side of my mom & dad's coffee pot:My favorite part is where it says, "Children and hot fluids should be kept apart."

Who even knew coffee pots OFFERED parenting advice I tell 'ya?!?!? I hope he's watching the temperatures of that boy's baths! 'Cuz they say baths can be chock full o' hot fluids.

So that was my brother and sister in law's cute guy, also known as my nephew. Here's another cute guy looking at a scat chart:I used my super expert smudgy tool so that if you happen to run into him at the grocery store you won't recognize him and say, "Hey, aren't you that guy I saw on the internet reading about scat?"

If you're wondering if you read correctly, you did. It's a picture of The-Guy-Who-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken reading about poop.

Here's one of him writing a haiku, which was one of the activities at the party we didn't have:It's hard to tell which is sexier, learning about poop or composing haiku. No, I mean that. It really is hard to tell.

So that was basically our vacation:
The-Guy read about poop.
My brother busted up his knee.
My daughter puked all night the night before New Year's Eve.
We ate a bunch of great food.
We did quite a bit of snowshoeing.
We did unbelievably goofy things just to make the baby smile.
We played guitar and sang and discussed Plato (no really!) and laughed a lot. Not all at the same time though.

And we finished it all up by not having a party. It was a fine vacation (and thanks Mom and Dad!)!


Unknown said...

Wow you know how to not party! Maybe you'll be nicer to us and blog often in 2009 ;)

A Free Man said...

Sounds like a hell of a winter break. My summer break has been pretty damn good as well. Back at the grindstone today, though. Sigh.

jillconyers said...

What a great way to not have a party!

Coffee pots and parenting advice. That's one sure way to get adults to read it :)

Happy 2009!

Katherine Carter said...

Sounds like good times. Nothing like a little poop chart and parenting advice from a coffee pot to start the year off right. Loved your brothers hat too. Stylish!

muirwoodsue said...

OK - my comment is Queen Bee's actually. My daughter was updating her blogger account and it registered her name!
She goes back to NYC today!

Janet said...

Hey, looks like a great time. May I ask what your brother is wearing on his head? Is that some sort of aluminum foil transmitter?? :-)

ALF said...

I immediately noticed the knee brace and crutches. It's like I'm drawn to other people with knee injuries.

Anonymous said...

I could argue that there wouldn't be any children without hot fluids, but that's just wrong. Forget I even mentioned it.

All told, seems like the best party you never had.

Kerry McKibbins said...

I really like your brother's hat.
Where can I get one?

Anonymous said...

I may need some lessons on the not party...our not party was much more boring and involved mostly me staying up scrapbooking and my husband sleeping.

Jill said...

SJ - It was the best non-party I ever went to! I plan to often as I blogged in '08 & '07?!? Maybe my computer will hold up for '09 & won't have to spend quite as much time in the shop.

A Free Man - Looked like you had a nice break. Hope the reentry into the work world hasn't been too tough.

Jill - Yeah, they were just picking up a little readership on that coffee pot! :-) & happy 2009!

Muirwood Sue - Yes, 2009 started just about okay!! Hope you had a nice time with your daughter!

Janet - I think it was my mom who made the tin foil hat. When we decided not to throw a party, I specifically asked my brother to pour a champagne tower in a silly hat. He was ready to go but lacked the hat, so my mom (I think it was) used the tin foil.

ALF - And finger woes, right? You should check out The Bloggess (I'd link it but running out of time). She had some kind of weird finger thing going on that you'd probably enjoy!

Jeffery Thames [King of Grief] - I just can't even decide where to go with that one. Wish I had more than one minute left for computer time...the possibilities just seem...well, anyway... :-)

Kerry - I believe I'd look first on ebay! And if not there, then maybe the kitchen drawer where you keep your saran wrap & tin foil. :-) :-) :-)

Kristine - I THOUGHT that was how not having a party was supposed to go!!!! Drat! We flubbed.

ElPato said...

The holidays broke me! Good to hear from you.

John C said...

Poop haiku composition...don't know, but I guess for some THAT would be sexy, lol. :)

Jill said...

El Pato - Hope you've recovered from the holidays!

John C. - or not, I'm pretty sure it at least would have been a big hit with the kids!


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