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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

On the Other Hand, Animals Are Probably Less Likely to Text While Driving

Since the whole house pet/rapture post, Older Gal has been walking around the house proclaiming, "Animals are people too!"

In all fairness to her, this was initially a response to a conversation she had with her dad. She had spent the day volunteering at a farm owned by a family that rescues animals.

The-Guy and I hear a knock on our bedroom door.
Older Gal - "Can I come in?"
The-Guy - "No."
The-Guy - What do you need?
Older Gal - To talk to a person...who's not an animal.

The pet/rapture post also led Older Gal and me to this conversation -

Older Gal - But animals are people too! There should be a way for them to be saved.
Me - Well I don't think they can be...
Older Gal - Yeah, I don't think they can be either
Me - because they're not supposed to have souls. But if you look at Sugar you can clearly tell that...
Older Gal - He's going to the pit!!!!!!!
Me - Awww! Shuguee!
Older Gal - What?!?! You've said it yourself!
Me - Oh. Yeah.

On a totally different subject, a teacher in the lunchroom was expressing her disbelief that we actually need a law forbidding people to text and drive at the same time. She exclaimed something about "How dumb can people BE?!? Can't they figure that out without a law!?!?!?"

And I was all, "Are you KIDDING?!?! They can't even figure out not to drive into a giant building unless there's an arrow sign telling them not to!" And then I showed her this picture, because it was still on my camera at the time:So anyhow, I took some other good sign pictures, but we are going CAMPING soon, and so I have to get ready and stuff. But I can't tell you where or when or with whom, because of Debbie's rule.

But if it happens to take me a little longer than usual to answer comments, it might be because I'm communing with mosquitoes...I mean nature and stuff.


Unknown said...

Why not text using your other hand then?

The rather unfortunate corollary to that rule is: People are beasts too.

A Free Man said...

Dogs go to heaven. Cats? No.

Enjoy your commune with nature.

Jill said...

SJ - I should have! Animals are probably less likely to take photos while driving too. :-0

A Free Man - In that case, Sugar should make it into heaven, because he seems to think he's a dog. He doesn't even know how to purr!

Christine said...

If Sugar is truly concerned, perhaps he should take this up with a member of his clergy. I think I remember seeing evidence that Sugar is a Jewish cat. So, you know, ask the vet to refer a cat rabbi. Or do you ask your rabbi?

ALF said...

Animals are people too! I love it!

DJ Kirkby said...

Camping? Haven't you just gone back to work?

Arizaphale said...

Well I for one am loving this post. Did you see that great email with the series of 'signs' by opposing churches (Catholic and Presbyterian I think) on the subject of animal souls? You know, like, "Come to the Presbo church and your cat can go to heaven too!".......
As for rules and common sense and people........meh!
Oh and do your children also knock on the door for a chat at the most inconvenient times?

Jill said...

Christine - I'm afraid if I got Sugar near any clergy whatsoever, he'd do that whole exorcist thing and I'd have even more laundry than I have from camping. :-0

Thanks Alf! Older Gal will appreciate your appreciation. :-)

DJ Kirkby - We did, but we have today (Monday) off for Labor Day, so lot of people go camping and on vacation this weekend.

Arizaphale - I didn't see that email - I didn't know Presbyterian cats could go to heaven! No, my kids are almost always in bed by the time we go to bed, so they don't have anywhere near the door knocking opportunities. :-)

Maureen said...

While standing at the corner waiting for the light to turn allowing me to cross the street, I saw a woman driver texting while driving thru the intersection, balancing her phone on the steering wheel. Gad I wish I had my camera at the ready...

Jill said...

Actually the conversation that precipitated my coworkers declaration about how dumb people were had started with a bunch of people talking about a video where a texting driver kills the parents of a toddler or baby or young child. Apparently the entire thing is on video somewhere, but I haven't looked for it. It's sad enough just to know it happened. :-(

Anonymous said...

Texting and driving is so annoying - people do it all the time...so so so dumb.

Kristine said...

That anonymous above was me, I'm too quick on the button pushing.

Jill said...

Kristine - So stupid, yet so tempting! I'm lucky enough to have a 14 year old in the car with me most of the time who is nice enough to respond to incoming texts for me!


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