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Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Years Means You Can't Always Get What You Want. Sort of like the rest of life.

New Years has always been a big deal in my family, although we've simplified a few of our traditions. We've gone from entire grocery bags filled to the brim with confetti to a single, illicit handful, furtively tossed by my nephew.

The-Guy-Who-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken not only shares my love for songs about poultry, but has also brought us a new tradition, called a Turducken. That means a dead chicken stuffed inside a dead duck stuffed inside a dead turkey.My brother said he's impressed they can market any food which begins with the word "turd" and then he proceeded to write a short song about it. Turducken has now been the food centerpiece three years running.

We've been listening to the Rolling Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want" at the stroke of midnight since I was too young to remember (also known as the early 70s). I predict this tradition spreads across the USA to become more popular than whatever that ball dropping thing is.

One tradition I'd like to see minimized - lately we seem to make our way into the ER each winter vacation. Last year my brother used his knee to stop a sled carrying a full grown adult. Needless to say crutches and physical therapy were in order.

This year my sweet pea had a post viral restricted airway, more commonly known as an asthma attack. Would you believe she was a good enough sport to pose for a picture?Not to be outdone, my littlest nephew's trip to the ER involved strep throat. He's a good sport too. And he offered to let me take a picture of his red throat (ok, he didn't). But you can never have enough pictures of a baby in a guitar case:

Some traditions I hope we never give up. I hope my brother will continue to wear a silly hat while pouring a champagne tower. It just makes me happy.So does the dancing:Even better if followed by guitar:Happy New Years everyone! This one brought to you by the Rolling Stones, as always:
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
but if you try sometimes
you just might just find you get what you need.
And if you hang out with us, you might just find you get what you need AND some turducken too.

Turducken picture: Turducken


People in the Sun said...

You can tell your daughter I said, "Cool Nails!"

Happy New Year to everyone.

Beth said...

I always enjoy hearing/reading about your New Yrs. escapades, so much more interesting than mine! Cassie actually looks good in that photo, unkempt suits her!

francis Mcgrody said...

I remember a great new years party at your house way back in high school. was this year a little less crazy? :)

ehall said...

Glad to hear traditions continue. My daughter is well versed in that tune by "Miss Jagger"

Unknown said...

Since when did confetti become illicit? Is it only a crime to throw? Or even to possess?

Jill said...

People - I'll tell her!

Beth - Yeah, it's actually really wonderful being around Cassie right AFTER she gets sick. She's so appreciative about feeling better that she's just a pleasure.

Ooooh Fran...I imagine probably so! There's that whole responsibility thing once you have kids... I wonder what year that was?

Eric - Funny!

SJ - I think it went something like, "Woohoo! Let's make confetti!!!!" and then threats by adults were made that they needed to clean up whatever confetti they made. So then three out of four kids decided it wasn't worth the clean up.

But one nephew made and threw confetti anyway and the idea I got was that the other kids were either upset at the thought that they might have to clean it up or upset that he would be cleaning confetti & not available to help with other cleaning.

Debbie G. said...

My neighbor had this blaring on his stereo outside yesterday, and I thought of you. Maybe it really is catching on...I'd be all for that! So, I posted it as my status on Happy New Year!

Debbie G. said...

Oh, and duh...I hope Cassie feels better!

Dalayney's Doodles said...

Omgosh, I adore your blog! It's such a good read! So glad I found it! :)

Maureen said...

HA! Okay, I have HEARD of turducken, but I haven't, until now, actually known anyone who actually ate it! That sucker must take forever to cook!

Happy New Year (love the kid in guitar shots). Hope daughter is all better (from another asthmatic).

ellen s. said...

oh that looks like so much fun!

Jill said...

Debbie - Yeah, I heard it on the radio too on January 2. I figure a since it's been 30, 40 years and people have come and gone and many of them are spreading "The Song", it shouldn't be long now! And thanks - Cassie is feeling a lot better!

Thanks Dalaney!

Thank you Maureen! Yeah, it does take a while. It's a lot of dead bird.

Thanks Ellen - it was! :-)

Kristine said...

I have always wanted to try a turducken, but am too cheap to buy one myself.

Bruce Johnson said...

I think the whole Rolling Stone thing is way better than that stupid ball drop thing in New York.

Janet said...

Turducken! I've never talked to anyone who has actually TRIED it. Seems like it would be complicated to fit one bird inside another.

Hope everyone is well at your house now and that you have a fabulous 2010!

Jill said...

Kristine - Yeah, the dead animal type of food is kind of expensive, and a turducken is an even bigger dead animal(s) than most. :-0

Bruce - I thought so! But then I've never seen that ball thing (even on TV) so I wouldn't really know.

Janet - Thanks Janet, you too! And also when you buy the dead birds already stuffed inside each other, it's actually pretty easy! :-) :-) :-)


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