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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mostly, I Just Sit Around and Look Cute

We had a few friends over recently and they asked about quite a bit of stuff that tends to escape me. We had conversations like this:
Friend - "So have you had the air conditioner off the past few weeks now?"
Me - "I'm not really sure. I don't really do the thermostat. The-Guy's in charge of all that."
And I had this conversation with another friend:
Friend - "Come show me how to use your coffee maker!"
Me (following her enthusiastically, as if I might actually be of some assistance) - "I know we have to press a lot of buttons. I don't really know how, actually. If The-Guy's not home, I just drink coffee at work."
And then there was this conversation:
Friend - "This friend of mine said it's really expensive to heat her pool. She says it costs her like $200 every time she does it."
Me - (blank look)
Friend - "But maybe you have a different kind of heater?"
Me - "I didn't even know we HAD a pool heater until my boy told me today."
In my defense, I was fine and good with apartment living, where lots and lots of life-spackle happens magically and without thought. It was The-Guy who thought that perhaps five people and two cats might not live entirely harmoniously in a two bedroom apartment.

And I do some stuff. I cook dinner MOST week nights. It also tends to fall to me to plan the attack against the vast amounts of paper that infiltrate our house via US Mail, children's backpacks and the like.

Far be it from me to actually GROW anything in any of The-Guy's beautiful and prolific gardens, but I do cook some of the stuff he grows.

I also take pictures of the non-food items:

I play taxi in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. I do a lot of the scheduling.

I've fixed a toilet or two and I picked out the color paint for the bathroom. And I did paint our living room green. But mostly, I just sit around and look cute. Apparently.


Arizaphale said...

As you should! hahahahahaha
Actually, I tend to know about most things in this place. I am certainly intimately acquainted with the roof, gutters and rubbish bins. I do leave the coffee making to him though. Well, it only involves a plunger so it doesn't tax him too much.

Beth said...

Some day that cuteness will fade, you better get a plan B LOL! it was really fun and you know what, your lack of involvement just makes most conversations or attempts to use gadgets even more amusing!

Tracy said...

Teehee. I do most around our house and when hubby is off it a joint project.
But when I say something not to bright (I know hard to believe) he always smile and tells me, "Good thing your cute" LOL.

Disa said...

sitting around and looking cute is grossly overlooked in my opinion.

Marlene said...

Someone's gotta do it! ;)

Love the photos of the flowers. Beautiful!

Jill said...

Arizaphale - We used to have the plunger kind too, and I wasn't really any better at it. But then again, before I met The-Guy, I didn't even own a coffee maker.

Beth - I'm really, really impressed that we got coffee out of that thing! And it wasn't even bad! As for plan B...let's see...well...after the cuteness fade, we could go back to apartment living! Or a houseboat. I've always wanted to retire to a houseboat! :-)

Tracy - Well let's hear it for cute then!

Disa - I guess it's just a dying art.

Marlene - Yeah! Someone's got to!!!! Good thing we don't have a puppy! (And thanks on the flowers - although as I said, he grows them - I just take the pictures!)

Bruce Johnson said...

You sound suspiciously like my wife.

John C said...

Just tell me 'you' getting the blog was covered in the prenuptual agreement and I won't have anxiety attacks, k? :)

Jill said...

Bruce - If only I could redecorate a bathroom like her! Or did she just sit around and look cute while you did that? :-)

John - I'm afraid I'm going to have to suggest you look into anti-anxiety medications. :-0

Bruce Johnson said...

I helped out with the bathroom by giving my wife my wallet...does that count?

Jill said...

Bruce - I'm pretty sure that counts. You can't really redecorate a bathroom without a wallet.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sitting and looking cute. Especially if you're good at it!:)


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