Our Kitchen Renovation Has Leaked Out All Over the Living Room (and the Demise of "Dat Be Nice") | Do Try This at Home: Our Kitchen Renovation Has Leaked Out All Over the Living Room (and the Demise of "Dat Be Nice")

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Our Kitchen Renovation Has Leaked Out All Over the Living Room (and the Demise of "Dat Be Nice")

Well people, what can I say?  I tried out the link party thing, and although I enjoy it, it really does take up a lot of time.

I really don't want to do this thing if I can't do right by the people who take the time to link up.  I've pinned and commented and shared.  And while as the cliché goes, it's been real and it's been fun...my toddler ("Me not baby!") is jealous of the time spent.

And so...I'm putting out this one last Dat Be Nice so I don't leave anyone who comes by hanging.

Mean time, here are the features from last week!

Most clicked and my favorite (I might do this one with my class!) were cupcakes for the birds from Crafts a la Mode:

Fun, right?

And most pinned were these yummy looking cookies from Shoestring Elegance that I will definitely have to try making kind of soonish, because my Partner in Crime adores shortbread:


Meanwhile, in the home renovations department...for reasons too long and boring to explain, we can not move forward on the kitchen cabinets.  But my Partner in Crime did get a bunch of outlets put into the one-day kitchen:

We moved all of the books out of the study.  Who'da' thunk that so much dust could collect behind books in a mere 6 years or so?

kitchen renovation

And we moved them somewhere totally more convenient (like the middle of the doorway to the living room), so that we could have tile put in.

kitchen renovation tile

Also my Partner in Crime installed an extra shelf in my closet:

So that now I do the majority of my crafting in the bathroom.

And that's about what's been going on around here!

I have a real, honest to goodness old school Twipply Skwood silly sign picture in the works, along with some soon to be taken photos of the tile.  But that will have to wait since this post is already way too long.

Please link up if you are so inclined and thank you folks who are bearing with me as I explore all the terrain that Blogsilvania has to offer!


Tracy said...

I think its great to do your crafting in the bathroom, you can lock the door AND have a sink at hand for clean up ;)
What!!! you mean we have to dust behind the books!!!

Janet said...

I found you again! :) You have been a very busy girl since I last dropped in! Looking forward to catching up on your adventures!

Jill said...

Tracy, Who'd'a thunk about the books, right?!?!?!?

Hi Janet! Yes, I've been keeping myself over-busy. Gotta remember to stop and breath every now and then! :-)

Anna Schafer said...

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Eliza Leazzy said...

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