Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Okay to Drink in the Streets

I mean, it's totally illegal in most of the country, but it's OKAY! You shouldn't feel ashamed or anything if you do it.

All right already! So I took the picture in New Orleans where it actually IS legal to drink in the streets. Still, I wanted to provide this public service announcement so that street drinkers the world over can keep some semblance of self esteem. I'm Okay, You're Okay and all that...

Which brings me to my second, totally unrelated point: you gotta love a guy who uses a propane torch to scramble eggs. Or I do, at any rate. It didn't actually occur to me to question why scrambling eggs would necessitate a trip to the garage, but he came back with this stuff:It turned out he wanted the propane torch to roast a pepper. See?YES! In case you're wondering, the rest of him is every bit as cute as that one arm would lead you to believe. But for some unfathomable reason, he doesn't appreciate me publishing his picture to the internet. Still, he makes great scrambled eggs. And he uses a propane torch. What more could you want from a guy?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

'Cause Who the Heck Even Knew Chimneys and Fireplaces GOT Body Odor?!?!?

I sure didn't! But I'm I wiser woman now, I'll tell 'ya. Actually, until I saw this stuff this morning, I thought fire places and chimneys smelled kind'a good.

But, not to worry because apparently Chimney and Fireplace Deodorant is available for those poor stinky souls. Which is really great for those of us who were fearful of our fireplaces and/or chimneys developing a case of low self esteem on account of the BO:

Sorry for the broken link here.  It's probably something off my old Flickr account that I'd go look for if I only knew what I was look for.  It was probably something like this:

(affiliate link - see disclaimer)
I still don't have my camera, but I do have some OLD pictures, from back before I lost it and before my computer bit the dust. Here's my boy, gracefully drying a wishbone with a hairdryer:

Here's a picture of a sunset hurricane Dolly brought us:Wasn't that nice of her? Ok, so that was like a good long time ago and I'm just that behind schedule and THAT is probably why they don't let me think up the street names around here.

I always say they should have let ME name the streets of Houston. Just down the street from me is Creekbend. No creek. No bend. Then there's Hillcroft. No hill. No croft.

It's possible there WAS a creek or a croft or a hill at some point. After all, in Houston they like to name things after stuff they've plowed over and demolished. But if they left the street naming to me, I'd call a spade a spade, at least every now and again. Cockroach Corner Drive. Ant Hill View Road. Flat Acres Road. Litter Lane...

That's probably why I was amused when Razor pointed out this medication:Just get rid of the snot, okay?!?!?!?!?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And Quit Molesting the Manhole Covers! (you perverts!)

My computer has been revived by those nice folks at Microcenter and none to soon. I started back to school this week after a fantabulous driving vacation to the likes of Steinhatchee, Florida and Daphne, Alabama.

We also visited more popular places, like New Orleans and Orlando. Unfortunately my camera loved New Orleans so much that it decided to defect.

I wanted to stay too, but did you see ME hiding under one of the cable car benches hoping Razor wouldn't notice? No. I returned to Houston, responsible citizen that I am. My camera on the other hand, stayed on to party in the Big Easy.

It's a shame too, because I had a picture of a manhole cover in Morgan City, Louisiana that read (in part) "Do Not Molest." What kind of perverts do they have in Morgan City that they molest defenseless manhole covers?!?!?!

I had a picture of a sign posted in that same town on the lawn of a restaurant that said, "Parking for Customers Only." On the lawn. But for customers only. 'Cause they're way too classy to let just any old riffraff park on their lawn.

I saw a notice very similar to this one on a water heater in a bathroom somewhere between Cameron, Louisiana and Abbeville, Louisiana:It was similar, but different because the label also listed cancer as an added benefit. First off, let me tell you that bathrooms in between Cameron and Abbeville are very, very few. But having found one, it was all I could do not to write underneath"...but not known to the state of Louisiana. So we're going to go ahead and use it."

I saw a sign today just like this one:It wasn't that one, because my camera is gone. But the one I saw said the same thing. What does that even MEAN anyway? And how did they calm the traffic? Do you think they used medication? Or were deep breathing exercises sufficient?

Yeah...right. Well. And good thing school is starting because now I can expose impressionable preschoolers to these types of questions and more...


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