Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is what happens when you have your wedding at a beer joint. It's fun, but they don't actually provide a traditional religious wedding contract.

For a Jewish wedding you're supposed to have a ketubah, or a wedding contract. It reads sort of similar to wedding vows, with promises to cherish and honor and all that stuff.

At least, our ketubah says we're going to cherish and honor. And then you sign it during the wedding and the rabbi signs it and two witnesses sign it and THEN you get to cherish and honor and stuff.

My friend said that when she got married, the temple gave them their ketubah. But apparently the honky-tonk bar and grill where we got married does not provide a ketubah, so we had to buy our own. And since we were buying our own, we figured we'd buy this one, because it was pretty: Our wedding was very funny (apparently):And it was very serious (apparently):
And it was fun (apparently):
And the ceiling was interesting (apparently):
I say apparently. All I really remember was being happy. Because even though I always said I would never, ever, ever get married again, that was only because I didn't know there was The-Guy-That-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken. And we belong together. With a bunch of beer advertisements.
Thanks again for the photos, Jeff! I loves them!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here's the Picture I Get When I Tell my Boy, "If you don't come out and let me take your picture, your cat will probably get eaten by a coyote".

I had this post more or less completed in my mind when suddenly my gal decided a trip to the emergency room would be in order. She wasn't feeling up for having her picture taken this time, so I'll just repost from December. It was the same darn thing anyway:

Except this time she had a mask over her face instead of a tube in her mouth. And she wasn't quite as cheery.

The post I had written in my head had wedding pictures and talked about Yom Kippur. I fasted yesterday and atoned for telling my boy self serving jokes that he takes seriously. It's not one of the sins they list out in services, but I think it maybe falls under selfishness.

For example, once I told him one time that if he wasn't quiet while I was on the phone, I wasn't going to let him turn six the next day and he was going to have to stay five. He didn't really think I could manage that, but he stayed quiet just to make sure.

Here's the picture I get when I tell my boy, "If you don't come out and let me take your picture, Sugar will probably get eaten by a coyote!"

The truth is, coyotes actually HAVE been eating outdoor cats in our neighborhood. And if my boy hadn't come outside, I would have had to take pictures of the cat. But I wouldn't have let the cat escape and get eaten by a coyote. Instead, Older Gal would have held him. Like this:

I'd like to say the wedding pictures were trickling in, because it sounds better than saying we got a small batch. But we got a small batch. And I was going to post them instead of the whole emergency room visit thing. But here's one, and more to come!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Have Not-Wedding Photos!

Yeah, so people keep asking me about wedding photos and look! We got one!
We're going to get more later.* But we got getting-ready-for-the-wedding-photos. They're very, very much like wedding photos, except without the men (most notably the groom, which I understand is a requirement for many, many weddings).

Here are me, my mom, my gals, and an unidentified small cousin's feet**:

That's it for now! Hope everyone is having a great weekend and happy new year to anyone celebrating Rosh Hashannah!

*Actually, Jeff accidentally made a liar out of me, because he sent more after I scheduled this to post itself! So...more to come soon!
**Because I don't know how mom feels about small-cousin's picture on the internet. Otherwise her picture would be all over this post because she's adorable!

Monday, September 06, 2010

We're Back & We've Already Washed Most of the Camping Off of Us

Here's the picture I get when I tell my-refusing-to-have-his-picture-taking-boy, "The torture will be over a lot faster if you just comply!"

I don't even want to think about what life lessons I'm imparting, but at least he finally looked at the camera:One gal a'campin':Both my gals a swimmin':The partridge and a pear tree come later after I wade through the other 400 or so pictures to find the other three or four I like.


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