Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm Not Puking So Very Much Any More, Which Leaves Me More Time for Shoving My Girls Next to Flowers

I figured I should update sometime, even though basically all I've been doing is working and not-puking-that-much-anymore and shoving girls next to flowers:

To his immense relief, I didn't shove my boy next to a flower, but I might as well get him in here too:

Once you've driven the same route for like, three years in a row, you'd think you'd have taken pictures of all the good signs. But my sweet pea noticed this one which had been there all along.

I guess it's a good idea to combine a salon and a liquor store. That way, if you get a bad haircut or your dye job goes awry, at the very least you can fortify yourself a little before going out in public.

On my boring travels I also saw this thing on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond. It was originally $30, but it was marked down under $20 by the time I noticed it.

And it's so incredibly useful for that price! I mean, it acts as an alarm clock! You can use it to cook lasagne! And it makes your coffee in the morning!

Oh no...wait...all it does is put sprinkles on your cupcakes. Ok, so it will save you a sore wrist if you eat tons and tons of cupcakes each and every day. I'm sure it must be worth the money and kitchen space...

Last but not least, I saw this on those same boring travels. It's not funny, but I just liked it...even though I didn't get the entire truck:

That's about it!

Monday, January 16, 2012

It won't ALL be morning sickness and puking and sleep deprivation and poopy diapers. Sometimes we'll get to dress her like a chicken.

If you can't admire Houston for the cockroaches, horrendous traffic, kajillion degree weather, and occasional hurricane, there's always the weather. We pretty much had all four seasons in three days last week.

In addition to flooding that wiped out any chance of driving anywhere near my school, there was frost, not to mention weather in the 70s. Some people were stuck in their cars for hours and hours. My kids' school was closed, but it didn't make much difference because the water was too high at my school to leave, and even if I could have, all my classroom kids were stuck inside because their parents couldn't come in to get them.

Here's a picture someone from work took:

It usually looks more like this:

The bridge the white van is trying to go over in the top picture is over the bayou, which is way, way deeper than the little drainage ditch or slough or whatever it is the close bridge goes over.

Here's a picture my sweet pea took a little farther down the bayou once we were able to leave our respective schools:

And looking a little more normal a few days later:

Here are some random conversations from last week (well, one from the week before) -

Me, answering The-Guy, who had been surprised that I had already been thinking about costumes for next Halloween for our yet unborn daughter:
"It won't All be morning sickness and puking and sleep deprivation and poopy diapers. Sometimes we'll get to dress her like a chicken."

(picture from Girl in Air blog)

My boy, after I expressed wonderment over his suddenly curly hair:

"It's not curly! It just wants to be closer to the sky..."

Me, to my mother, bemoaning the fact that we had missed Cid's garage sale:

"Maybe somebody else that we know will have a baby girl right before we do and dress her really cute and then suddenly sell everything they own so they can go live on a boat."

A conversation between me and the Sweet Pea last week:

Me - "The internet isn't broken! I turned it off. Remember? I said I was going to turn it off until you guys cleaned your rooms?"
Her - "Oh. Yeah, I remember now. But I didn't think you'd do it." (pause)
Her - "I didn't think you knew how."

To be perfectly honest, my boy did help me get the internet back on. But I do know how to turn it off! For cryin' out loud...

Happy Martin Luther King day and hope you're having a short work week!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Happy People Run From Anger

In 2011 we went both camping (in September) and my mom and dad's (just last month) without a single emergency room visit! We've had at least one, if not two emergency room visits for years running on both those outings. So I'm going to go ahead and call 2011 a pretty great year.

By this time next week, I'll be halfway done being pregnant. That and modern medicine haven't managed to totally stop the nausea though, so my dad suggested naming the baby, "I'm Not Throwing Up Anymore."

But since we found out she's a girl, I think we're going to go with something a little more feminine.

I found out that happy people run from anger:

And here I thought they were just jogging! But I guess they have to get all those endorphins somewhere, after all.

Last but not least, happy new year all! To help celebrate, here's my brother making the champagne tower in this year's silly hat:
Happy New Year all!


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