Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yet Another Reminder that Satan Controls All Fun

Jesus is practically BEGGING me to alienate every last Christian that I know. Apparently. Actually, I'm probably not limiting myself to alienating Christians, but what can I do when this sign is only a few traffic lights from my house?

At any rate, anyone remember how satan controls all fun? I think the person who thought up that church sign got fired, because every time I pass by that church these days, it says something boring like, "Visit us on Sunday!"

Or maybe the guy who thought up that sign just moved to a different church. Like maybe this church, where original thought for the day reads as so:

I call it "original" because I thought that people who interpret God's words for the masses steered away from what could possibly be misconstrued as innuendo. But I could be wrong. And after all, giving away and selling are nothing alike whatsoever.

The sign flips back and forth between that and this:

I guess that's for when people get confused by the whole "used and abused" theme and wonder what kind of establishment they've stumbled upon.

On that happy note, school started for teachers last week and yesterday was the first day of school for the kids, so that more or less explains my recent disappearance. A guest post by my Sweet Pea is in the works, but I have to wait until she's home to post.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Little Known Occupational Hazzard Revealed: photographers in imminent danger of impaling themselves with their own fingers

Hi ho hi ho and stuff...summer vacation ends next week. And so that means not carrying around my good camera. And that means lower quality pictures from random bathrooms:

But that's okay. Because apparently cameras are REALLY REALLY dangerous:

Here are a last few pictures before I go back to the land of point and shoot. These crawfish look just a tad formal to be serving up crap, don't they?

The Texas weather has been even more so. Apparently:

But you know what the really great thing is about borrowing weather from hell? Normally people are not allowed to roller blade on the golf course. But I went out rollerblading when it was a kajillion and a half degrees, and there was absolutely not one single golfing soul (saved OR condemned) to kick me off the golf course.

On the whole "hi ho and back to work we go" subject, I planted sunflowers with my class back in April or May. Here's what one of them looks like now:

So that's about it. Next week it's back to work. Happy weekend all!


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