Friday, April 11, 2014

Has This Toddler Been Terrorized by Flowers? Find out on News at Eleven!

We got one step ahead of last year and actually took out a camera during bluebonnet season. Unfortunately it didn't go as planned.

What is so incredibly scary about these flowers? Not much at first.

"Mom hardly ever brings me to enjoy wildlife in the middle of the fourth largest city in the United States while we're on our way to school!"

But light was too uneven. So we moved into the shade.

Hmmm...these bluebonnet things are interesting. I can see why they'd be in the running for state flower.

Then we hear loud singing. A happy woman who looks maybe Japanese approaches. She's wearing a surgical mask. But she's happy! Uh oh! Well, we're okay. She hasn't acknowledged our existence yet.

She explains to me in Spanish that the flowers are much better at the other side of the entire park. That's okay, I explain in Spanish. I'm on my way to work and we can't be late!

She nods enthusiastically that she understands, but then for whatever reason decides that my baby is in danger. She explains that I need to remove baby from the flowers. I smile and nod and wait for her to leave. Because NO WAY am I tromping all this way again. Nope.

She gets more insistent.

"BITE!! BITE!!! SHE GET BITE!!!!" I think perhaps she mentions snakes at this point. We're a half foot from the trail where she has just been singing loudly and yelling, mind you.

I keep smiling and nodding, but The Boonga doesn't think this is fun anymore. Especially when the stranger in a surgical mask begins moving flowers away from her legs calling out "BITE!!! BITE!!! SHE GET BITE!!!!"

I get her back for a moment, but only by hiding my cell phone amongst the flowers.

I'm hoping to try again this weekend.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

On with the hurricane

Hello all (or whatever two people are still looking at these sporadic posts)! I haven't been around the blogiverse so much these days, because (like the rest of the world) I am mostly on Facebook: Do Try This at Home. It's exciting, I know.

The kid is trying to carry some of the load around here now though, since last time I opened the pictures on my phone, I found eight just like this -

We took the boonga to the park so she could release some of her destructive tendencies on the great outdoors for a change.

I was tired of saying, "Don't stand on a chair! No, I said not to stand on a chair! I just got you down from the chair! Why are you up there again? I'll get you 'uppy' from your playpen as long as you don't climb on the chairs.

Remember we're not supposed to climb on chairs? Remember you got a BIG OWIE earlier when you stood on the chiar? No. No 'uppy'. You need to stay in your playpen while I cook."

Repeat that times 4,157 and there's my afternoon in a nutshell.

We have to keep the refrigerator like this now...

Because otherwise it will immediately look like this:


Anyhow, the park. It's a lucky thing about the park. They are keeping it practically crime free by modifying the schedule by one hour of complete darkness during daylight savings time. Seriously, they have probably saved countless lives by closing the park for that one hour.

Because that hour is DARK I tell 'ya! DARK! And during daylight savings time, it's even DARKER at 11:00 pm than it is during standard time at 10:00 pm. Oh wait. No it's not.

Anyway, happy weekend all and come visit me on my Do Try This at Home!


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