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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fresh Out

We're out of eggs, we're out of milk, we're out of butter, we're out of paper towels, we're out of toilet paper, we're out of cat food, we're out of fruit (except the watermelon, of course)...

But we have enough sunscreen to protect our skin (plus the skin of any small army that happens to wander through) until the year 2071. Of course by that time they'll have decided sunscreen causes laboratory rats to grow three extra sets of eyeballs.

Here are some random things I've heard kids say -

Twelve year old while barely nibbling on her empty calorie breakfast of plain non-whole grain bread:
I have to eat breakfast AND take a vitamin? This is TORTURE!!!!!!

Both kids age four:
Girl - Remember when I was in love with you and I kissed you?
Boy - Yeah! I'm NEVER doing THAT again!

One elementary aged child to another:
That's not a stampede. That's just my brother.


ALF said...

Kids are awesome. Next week starts 6 weeks of directing day camp for me - maybe the girls at camp will say awesomely cute things. I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Oh I enjoy those little tidbits that you heard around! Haha I especially like the one with the kids that are resolved to not date again. I think that kids and seniors are some of the most amusing people around.

EquineSpirit said...


delmer said...

I have a similar collect of sunscreen bottles. And I've had them for several years.

I continue to slather sunscreen on the boys (or spray it, depending on the format), but we never run out. It seems to reproduce.

Ingrid said...

I hate having 97 bottles of sunscreen hanging around, but it's so expensive! I can't justify throwing any of it away. I wish it could be dual purpose, like you could caot pans with it instead of Pam or something.

Bruce Johnson said...

So, are you saying they make these bizarre statement because of too much sun screen? I am confused.

Maureen said...

Ha! Love all the sunscreen! I had to shovel out our bathroom cabinet the other day; I must have thrown out dozens of old lotions and crap that would have lasted forever too.

Love the quotes!

RW said...

Whats sunscreen?

Jill said...

Have fun Alf! I'm sure you'll be up to your ears in awesomely cute things! :-)

Derek - Yeah, they called it quits kind of early, don't you think?

Thanks Sabrina!

Delmer - Is that what happens? No wonder...

Ingrid - That would help, wouldn't it? We have the good kind and then the hated kind & I'm always trying to get the kids to use the hated kind so we can finally use it up.

Sorry for the confusion Lotus - no those are totally unrelated to the sunscreen picture!

Thanks Maureen & hope you're enjoying your cleared out cabinet!!

Roger! You're outdoors taking pictures like ALL THE TIME for cryin' out loud! You should be wearing sunscreen!

Staci said...

These are too funny!!


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