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Friday, June 24, 2011

Coping With Noisy Neighbors Monthly: hot off the press soon! Except I bet that saying is really out of date because of all the internets these days.

My Sweet Pea turned sweet 16 in Prague recently.

My understanding is that it is every little girl's hope and dream to spend her 16th birthday in Prague.

So while she's been gone, I've been reading this really great book about parenting teenagers (The Blessing of a B Minus by Wendy Mogel). When she gets back, I'm going to be all prepared to parent the heck out of her.

But really even before reading the book, I think I scored one on the independence thing by sending her to Prague for her birthday, don't you?

Meanwhile, I am totally not even obsessed with chickens. I DID request (and find) a man who enjoys songs about chickens when I tried online dating for the first and only time. But that was because I figured you don't hear all that many depressing songs about chickens, and I wanted to find a man who wasn't prone to despair.

And also, my next door neighbor growing up used to raise chickens. But that's the sum of my experience, chicken-wise.

I would never have guessed that there were entire magazines devoted to chickens:

In the regular magazine section of the grocery store in the fourth biggest city in the United States no less! I mean, there must be more to those birds than meets the eye, because the ratio of apartment dwellers to chicken farmers has to be kind of high at that store.

Surely "Coping with Noisy Upstairs Neighbors Monthly" would have a wider audience, at least within the city limits.

On a totally related note and in the interest of keeping on keeping on, here are some more Israel pictures:

Here's his head. The focus is lousy, but the color kind of makes up for it a little. Maybe.

Here's a kid I don't know chasing a bird:

Maybe he can be featured in that chicken magazine. "Chicken chasing children of Israel, page 28!"

What can I say? It was cute.

Here's a sign:

I seem to still have a lot of pictures, but that's all the staring at the computer I have in me for now.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy sweet 16 to the pea!


Tracy said...

Oh my I am sure your daughter is going to love you parenting the heck out of her, lol.
My baby is 16, you are a brave mommy. You earned maga points in her eyes, that should last about 1/2 hour, before she complains about something you didn't
I am going away with the 21 yr old next weekend to a concert because I don't want her driving all day on the expressway (just her and my youngest.
I got her to think it was her idea, by paying the way, lol.

Jill said...

Oh! We get a half hour! Actually she was pretty darn happy for a couple days before she left. :-) :-) :-) Yeah, and she didn't DRIVE in Prague, so I can understand a whole day on the expressway being scary. Actually, she doesn't want to drive at all! But, I never liked driving so I guess she comes by it naturally.

pat said...

OH yeah, you've pretty much covered the independence thing. Prague, huh? I am envious.

Arizaphale said...

But she went with a tour right? or a school group? You don't mean you sent her solo to Prague at 15 and 360/365 years old? If you did you are a braver mummy than me. Sheesh, lately, I can't trust the BA to make herself lunch let alone get on a plane, fly halfway around the world and organise herself in hotels and sight seeing. That is a pretty awesome picture of Sweetpea though. Our 16 year olds are pretty fine looking kids eh? As for magazines, I saw something called 'Pig Shooters Monthly' on our last trip to the country. It was right next to the 'Great Big Trucker's' mag; the one with 'Page 3: 16 Pulsing Valves' or something on the cover. Oh and love your peacock. In the nicest possible way.

Arizaphale said...

Had to's not Pig Shooters Monthly, it's called...wait for it....BACON BUSTERS!!!! I'm not kidding...go see

Reds said...

How great that your beautiful daughter gets to celebrate her 16th birthday in Prague!! That is so cool!

Yolanda said...

Too funny! Prague sounds fun!

MarkD60 said...

Happy 16th to your daughter "The Pea"
As already said, I am sure she'll be appreciative about being the reciepient of your well-prepared-for parenting skills.
Nice pics.
There are wild chickens running all over the Cayman Islands.

Amanda said...

What an amazing opportunity for her :) I hope she took a camera, you could have her do a blog about her trip!

The whole chicken thing makes me smile :)

Jill said...

Yeah, me too Pat! She said it was beautiful!

Arizaphale - She saw Prague with a tour! There is NO WAY on earth I would have given her a ride to the airport otherwise. And since she doesn't have her license...

At that age though, if I had a friend to go with, I probably would have been like, "Bye Mom! Bye Dad!", tour or no tour...

The magazine!!!! That is TOO FUNNY!!!!! I can see a whole new area for blogging. I saved the picture for later use. :-) And "thanks!" on the picture compliments!

Thank you Reds & Yolanda!

Thanks Mark! That chicken was actually hanging out with the peacock. It was called a zoo, but I think the translation was a little on the loose side, I'm not sure.

Thanks Amanda! She did take a camera, although it wasn't even her good point & shoot. But that's okay. I think this one is really for the experience.

Margaret said...

Funny post! Love your magazine title idea and I'm amazed about the Chickens magazine. :)

Staci said...

You are one amazing mom! My DS is 16 and I'm nervous about letting him go to Warped Tour this summer. (a concert where about 30 metalcore and hard rock bands will be featured.)

cbeck said...

Haha!I wonder if the kid ever considered what he would do if he caught the chicken?

"you don't hear all that many depressing songs about chickens,"

Look up the lyrics to "Chicken Man" by the Indigo Girls someday... But then I guess that is about a chicken *man*, so maybe it doesn't count?

"Coping with Noisy Upstairs Neighbors Monthly"

I'm pretty sure that was an article in the chicken magazine... Those chickens get rowdy! :)

Marlene said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Wowza...that's some peacock. Can't even remember the last time I saw one of those.

Jill said...

Thanks Margaret! Yeah, I guess I wouldn't have been surprised in a small town or near farmland or something. But in the middle of the city kind of made me wonder.

Thanks Staci! Good luck with the concert! I can see why that would be worrying.

Funny Cbeck! I'll have to look that song up. And in fact, the lyrics to Hayes Carll's chicken song (It ain't meanness y'all, it's just hungry is what I am") aren't that cheerful. But whatever - it worked. :-)

Thank you Marlene!

The Ceol Mors said...

The happiest of birthdays C!

Unknown said...

I hope you have been parenting her already 16 is kind of late to start. And happy birthday to her.

The sign says "Lion crossing" because Zebras are uncool in Israel

Slyde said...

your daughter is beautiful..

she looks very much like you...

Business logo design said...

Wonderful pictures!!
your daughter is so gorgeous and in her eyes something special which attracts towards her.

Jill said...

Thanks Cid and Slyde and...Business Logo Design?

SJ - Yeah, I think that at 16 it's high time to start the whole parenting thing. I've procrastinated long enough. You're probably right about the zebras. That wouldn't have come off nearly as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bruce Johnson said...

While on a 4th of July Road trip with my wife, we passed a Semi-Truck that had a small bumper sticker on the back that read "Show Chickens On Board".

My wife never knew there were such a thing. I have seen them (color, ornate chickens kept as pets), and surmized that the trucker hauled them around the country and showed them at tournaments in his spare time.

Strange days.....


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