Living in Texas Means Every Now & Then Someone Throws a Dead Alligator Head in the Back of your Stepdaughter's Truck. Apparently. | Do Try This at Home: Living in Texas Means Every Now & Then Someone Throws a Dead Alligator Head in the Back of your Stepdaughter's Truck. Apparently.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Living in Texas Means Every Now & Then Someone Throws a Dead Alligator Head in the Back of your Stepdaughter's Truck. Apparently.

Living in Texas means that every now and then someone throws (or gently places - who can really tell about these things?) the head of a dead alligator into your stepdaughter's truck.

Unfortunately, being me means that you accidentally delete all the dead alligator head pictures and then accidentally drop your debit card down inside the door of your mother-in-law's car...oh wait...that would be ME that does all that! Not you.

In any case, this week I took pictures of a dead alligator head, accidentally deleted the pictures AND dropped my debit card down into the door of my mother-in-law's car. So I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit on my first full week of summer break, if I do say so myself.

With all that going on, I didn't even have time to call Chuck Schumer:
Or any of the hundreds upon hundreds of other people who insult Houston each day. I mean, I'm sure there are more than you can shake a stick at. Houston's just not that popular.
I'm just going to save my calories for better beer.

OK! I admit it! I don't remember ever having tried Miller Genuine Draft! But I'm sure it's fantastic. It says so right on this truck!
And also, I'm not a beer snob. Well, at least, not that much.

Anyway, here are some more Israel pictures. All of these are from when we stayed with our cousins at the Deganya kibbutz.

The entrance to Deganya Bet:

Deganya Alef zoo:

I forgot I did take pictures of a death sign or two. This time it's death by fertilizer:

There were a bunch of bomb shelters:

And, of course, a chocolate factory:

More later - have a great weekend!


Arizaphale said...

You are a complete nutter and I LOVE you! And I am GUTTED that you lost the pics of the alligator head. What is THAT about????????
Chocolate factories RULE!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

I am so sad that there are no dead alligator head photo's :(
I am trying to think what would they do here...hmmm a beavers head. Nope not the same effect, lol.
As for the beer. I'd skip it all together (as I hate the taste) and just take the chocolate ;)

Love your travel photos.

Marlene said...

What? No pics of the alligator head?!! Ok, the others are still good! :)

MarkD60 said...

Yeah, every once in a while I think we all find an alligator head in the back of our trucks....

or a shark head!

Great pictures!

Pam said...

I guess having an alligator head in your truck is better than waking up to a horses head on the pillow next to you. ;-) Now I'm craving chocolate in the worse way and I just started dieting. Darn!

Love the stories and pics! :-)

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

Funny post. Would have been better with a dead alligator head, though.

Jill said...

Arizaphale - You know how sometimes when you're cleaning up the house and it just seems like too much to go through everything so you just throw everything away that you don't need at that exact moment and then forever after wonder what happened to all those important papers? Well, lately I've started doing it with photos too. Seriously. I'm having organizational problems, mostly stemming from the fact that I have not figured out how to see the photos I'm taking & organize them at the same time. So, I'm organizing by the file number & can't see what I'm deleting. :-( :-( :-( I need to do something about that.

Tracy - Me too! :-( :-( :-( But beer is YUM! Whiskey is less fattening though, I think.

A shame, isn't it Marlene? And thanks!

Thanks Mark! And not too often I hope. Although it would be nice if it could happen just once more in the near future, since I did delete the pictures...

Thanks Pam! And I'm going to vote for the dead alligator head being way better!

Elliot - Wouldn't it have been?!? I'm so sad about the lack of dead alligator photos on this post. And thanks!

Kerry McKibbins said...

I cannot believe you deleted the alligator head pics! No matter, apparently it will happen again soon. When it does - do not delete!

Bruce Johnson said...

This blog is just loaded with hypocritical content.

1) I wonder how much it cost to rent a Billboard for a week / month to complain about someone in another state insulting you? Wouldn't it be better spent on eco-friendly comunity based projects than flooding a NY senator with phone calls? You have some really vindictive people in Houston.

If you like beer with less calories, you probably also like sugar that tastes less sweet, and drink 'vitamin' water. In college business school, they trained us that in a capitalist system, the entrepenour does not satsify a public need for a profit, but instead 'creates' a need and then fills it. Ergo....64 calorie beer. (sometimes I loath this country.)

Jill said...

Kerry - I know! Right?!?! I hope it's soon!

Lotus - I think I went to one of those idealistic business schools. They distinguished between marketing & advertising. Marketing was finding the need & fulfilling it & advertising the way you're describing - creating the need & fulfilling it. But yeah. That's the world we live in. Well the country at any rate. I haven't really lived in any other countries to compare. But I try not to loathe, ever really. But some pity (?) melancholy maybe (?) at least seems in order.

Mz-Cellaneous said...

man, I really wanted to see that alligator head.
way to go slick.

Anonymous said...


This is what the kitten said as he walked over my keyboard. I think he enjoyed the post :)


Jill said...

Me too Mz-Cellaneous! I can't believe I did that! Oh well. At least it prompted me to attempt to manage my pictures better.

Very cute Sweet Pea! I'm glad the kitten enjoyed the post!

Slyde said...

hey, i actually like our very own chuck shumer.. what the heck did he say about houston?

p.s. i can see the pictures! yay you!

Jill said...

Slyde - I'm not really sure. I didn't have time to call him. Maybe you can ask next time you run into him? :-) And glad you can see the pictures! I don't think this way will be bad once I get used to it.

Unknown said...

The back of a truck! Why didn't I think of that! Next time I want to throw an (hopefully dead) alligator's head that's where it will go.

cbeck said...

hmmm... Someone must have a new pair of alligator boots out there! Sounds like the sort of thing I would do. Deleting the pictures, not throwing alligator heads.

I nearly deleted a bunch of "very important" pictures once, but thanks to (probably) divine intervention, had the sense to say, "you did put these on your computer, right?" Just before I hit the "OK" button that would have told the little camera, "Yes, I am sure I want my wife to throw something at me." :)


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