Pretty birds and flowers and tanks and bomb shelters. I'm more scattered than usual. And usual is pretty scattered. | Do Try This at Home: Pretty birds and flowers and tanks and bomb shelters. I'm more scattered than usual. And usual is pretty scattered.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pretty birds and flowers and tanks and bomb shelters. I'm more scattered than usual. And usual is pretty scattered.

My cousins found this free air while we were out last weekend:
It's such a relief not to have to pay to breath when you're out and about.

Ever on the lookout for people who drive worse than I do, My Sweet Pea spotted the driver of this truck talking on the cell phone while smoking:
You can't see them but the big containers the truck is carrying have all kinds of flammable and danger signs all over them. So it seems there are plenty of death opportunities right here in Houston.

But since I have a seemingly never ending supply of Israel photos, let's go back to Israeli danger:
Maybe the Hebrew or Arabic explains how this poor guy is going to die. He seems to be climbing where he shouldn't be climbing, but whether he's going fall and break his neck or maybe be electrocuted is an English speaker's best guess.

At least he's bound to die amongst the beautiful palms and flowers:

See how pretty Israel is? Look, here's a bird:

And a flower:

This looks like cactus on the top and tree on the bottom. I'd never seen a cactus tree before:

My Sweet Pea on a tank:

And another bomb shelter:

Yeah. That's about all I got for today. Have a great weekend!


The Ceol Mors said...

I bet that becomes a regular hang out for B, what with it being free and all. C looks far too comfy on that tank. I'm a little scared.

Amanda said...

I like how the pigeon looks like he's checking you out :) I always enjoy the sign pictures too.

Tracy said...

Love your signs. I have one for you on my blog ;)
that pigeon is so pretty compared to the ones we have here.

Unknown said...

Mayeb you should make a list ...some thing like...10 Drivers Worse than Me. Or... 100 ways to die in Israel.

Jill said...

Cid - There were a few moments when she was 13 that she wanted to join the Israeli army. At least that's the way I understood it. She totally denies ever having mentioned that possibility. :-)

Thanks Amanda!

Thank you Tracy! I enjoyed your sign!!

SJ - I *should* do that! I'm not sure there are actually ten though...maybe just that one guy.

Kerry McKibbins said...

I love your posts! They make me smile!

Slyde said...

you really DO take great pictures!

Jill said...

Thanks Kerry!

Slyde - They look way better when you can see them I bet!

cbeck said...

Free Air? Those folks are going to ruin my business plans. And watch out for those birds, they will follow you home and start banging on your windows. :) Our cardinal has been getting really aggressive these last few days. Cdog just keeps licking his lips.

Marlene said...

Now I can say I've seen my first cactus tree!

Arizaphale said...

Diverting as ever! Couldn't see the guy climbing, maybe it's my eyes??

Jill said...

Sorry to ruin your business plans cbeck. :-( :-( :-( I had forgotten about your cardinal! Luckily the pigeon missed the overseas flight!

Marlene - It's a milestone you don't want to miss!

Arizaphale - It's not your eyes! It's the tiny little guy on the sign! The one climbing next to the words in a red circle with an X through it on the upper left hand side of the sign!

Black angel said...

This photos is great. I love your photgraphy. Your word is beautiful. I'm from poland. I like my country.

Jill said...

Thank you Black Angel! My daughter visited Poland this summer and I'm looking forward to seeing her pictures!


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