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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Twice Dead (that's sort of like doubly screwed instead of twipply skwood)

I had a beta fish once named Alef who died twice. About a year after he had surpassed the life expectancy for beta fish, he died the first time. He floated on his side on the top of the tank for days, and I declared him dead. A couple days after I declared Alef dead, he righted himself and a had a second, shorter life.

I'm hoping the same thing happens to my computer. It's dead. Again. And so I'm trying to post on my kids' little Apple laptop. The catch is, the Apple doesn't let me do almost ANYTHING, including log onto blogger. So how am I posting this? Beats the heck out of me. I'm probably not; the Apple ate my last post.

But enough about computer problems - let me tell you about that guy o' mine and why he's the greatest. Not only did he show me all his favorite boobies in Washington (I'd post a link, but the Apple doesn't let me do that either) and teach my son about microwaving Peeps (another lost link opportunity), but he also taught my boy to dry a wishbone with a hairdryer. 'Cause who the heck can stand to wait a day or two for a wish???

While my boy was learning about instant gratification and alternate uses for common household appliances, I learned something too. I learned that if you get a wild hair (pun intended) and decide to give a ten year old boy a hairdryer that belongs to someone who actually cares about her hairdryer, you want him operating it over carpet and not tile. Not to worry though, Razor's daughter still has a fully functioning hair dryer. Somehow. And no thanks to my son.

OKAY! Well there WOULD have been a picture here of my boy drying a wishbone with a hairdryer if my computer hadn't died. I had other pictures to post too, but they're trapped in the guts of my computer, which has been shipped off to wherever it is that Compaqs go to gasp their last dying breath (for the second time).

Meanwhile I am here, opening the CD drive on the Apple for the 6121th time, because it happens to sit right where the Compaq's delete key would be.

Update to my unposted post: The Apple obviously didn't let me post, nor does it let me comment on anyone else's blogs. I can still read the comments though, so if you have anything mean to say, now would be the time: I can't actually respond. But the good news is that my computer death was under warranty. So it should be back to life in the near future!


Janet said...

Jill, this is one of those "use your imagination" posts. Don't teachers always say that anyway?! lol Hope your computer problems go away soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, computer problems! Good thing for warranties, huh? The post just isn't the same without your usual pictures.

However, it was still amusing. Why? I don't even know since most of it was bemoaning your computer's death. That just goes to show that you could make anything amusing, huh?

Unknown said...

I can fix your laptop if you can ship it here... if I can't I always wanted a old laptop to experiment with.

delmer said...

Are you sure you didn't *heal* the fish.

There's money in things like that. Not in healing fish so much -- you'd want to refine the talent and target larger animals.

You're computer's dead. You've got the time to practice.

Bruce Johnson said...

This pretty much sums up the difference between Mac people and Windows people. I, on the other hand am multi-computeral...I have one of each and don't have a problem. Now if I could just learn to speak Spanish, I would be golen.

ALF said...

Hope your computer is up and running again soon!

DJ Kirkby said...

Drying a wishbone with a hairdryer?! You are, without a doubt, a genius!

Anonymous said...

Peeps and microwaves - yes, a secret handed down from Man to boy over the uh, decades.

Sorry about your computer problems. Yeesh. I tend to write everything in Notepad and then cut and paste into my blog. That way I have a copy.

Maybe the lack of access to your blog is a sign to take a break, chill out, dry wishbones with hairdryers, visit coffeeshops and take photos of their bathrooms.

Ingrid said...

Beta fish have a gift for that sort of thing. It's creepy.

I've never even touched an apple! They sound scary!

Kerry McKibbins said...

I love this post, lol.
Hope your computer is fixed soon!

Janet said...

Gosh, I hope the comp is fixed by now! Whenever ur back up and running, there is a little something for u on my blog...

Carey said...

Maybe he could do one of his special tricks on your computer? Like microwave it...with peeps. LOL

People in the Sun said...

Man, I haven't been here for a while. So,

I see you've been to Caesarea. Cool. That's where I took the photo with my friend.

People in Israel are proud of that whole two-settings flush!

You labeled this post with "random pictures." The "ironic labels" label was taken?

What's the point of me using the c-word in a post if you can't comment on that? Come back soon!

And I hope everything else is okay.

Jill said...

Janet - Unfortunately more "use your imagination" posts to come - lost my camera!

Thanks Derek! Yeah, computer death is very amusing in its own way. *sigh*

SJ - Well it's back to life now, but next time it dies I'll definitely send it your way!

Delmer - Dag nab it! Here I am starting back to school already and I missed my time off to practice healing larger animals! DRAT! :-)

Lotus - Yeah, I'm afraid I'm sort of handicapped that way. I can speak Spanish though, for whatever that's worth.

Alf - Looky looky! Up & running - thanks!

DJ Kirkby - The genius would be Razor, not me, but I'll pass along the compliment!

Ms.Q - Yeah, I had a break alright, didn't I? Unfortunately now my camera's lost, so whatever pictures I did take...

Ingrid - Yeah, they're scary. But I've heard they're all kinds of wonderful for graphics & stuff. I'd be willing to try one ***if*** it let me blog and stuff. But that particular apple just didn't let me do anything. :-(

Thanks Kerry!

Carey - microwaved peep computer - Yum!

People - Oh! How the heck did I miss your buddy there?!?!?!?! And OOPS!!!!! on the label. There were pictures when I wrote the post, for real!!!!!!! I'll be by to see your C-word post now that I've got the computer back!!!!!!!!!


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