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Friday, January 28, 2011

Now I Have a Day and Half to Sin! Come to Think of it, I'll Just Take Pictures of Signs and Stuff Instead.


I turned in a HUGE project for my master's classes yesterday. I have a day and a half before starting my next project, so I have time to sin now!

Except, I think I'll just take snapshots of signs instead.

I saw this billboard about the SPCA. I have nothing whatsoever against the SPCA. I hear they're fantabulous. But this sign makes me realize that animal best friends are different from people best friends:


Because my best friends don't actually euthanize me if I overstay my welcome. They just start talking about vaginal exercises and hope I go away.

Since I have an entire day and half, I might as well not even confine myself to signs. Here are some trees near my work:


In other happy news, this kid passed driver's ed!!!!!

Driver's Ed ain't what it used to be, and this was an ORDEAL and half! We're happy it's over! We're SO happy that we don't even care if she actually drives, we're just celebrating driver's ed being over.

Not to be outdone, the other day this kid ate a third of a bottle of catchup in one sitting:


See? This bottle was full when he sat down to eat:


Ok, I helped him a little.

Also, I tried to get the pictures bigger on this blog. Although, I'm not sure anyone actually needed to see a jumbo sized bottle of catchup. But that's about it from Casa Twipply Skwood - catchup and signs and big things completed! Here's wishing you an equally productive week!


The Ceol Mors said...

Everyoneneeds a jumbo sized photo of catsup. Why do they call it catsup? Do cats like it for dinner? You need to get Sugar on this and let me know...

Arizaphale said...

Bigger photos = :-D

annabelle said...

My family loves k-up esp my dd she'll just eat it by the spoonfuls :)

Jill said...

Arizaphale & Cid - I'm so glad there are so many people in need of giant catsup bottles!!!! I've been sort of back and forth over whether I like the new, bigger pictures. But it took me long enough that I'll keep it for now!
Cid - I don't know. Sugar is partial to curry. He's not so crazy about catsup, despite the name. :-)

Annabelle - Yum? :-)

Nicki said...

I like the bigger pictures - went that direction myself in the past year and haven't looked back. As for the ketchup - my son is addicted to the stuff and is on the 12 step program of weaning himself off - well, at least reducing his intake.

Heidi said...

LOL. You make me laugh. And my kid would be so proud of yours. That's a quality amount of ketchup right there. Well done! ;)

Tracy said...

Sounds like everyone accomplished huge goals this week :)
Relax for a few hours lady, didn't anyone tell you, too much studying rots your brain, lol

Jill said...

Nicki - I think the bigger pictures are growing on me. The giant catchup bottle was really surprising though!

Thanks Heidi! They can make catchup boats together next time they go pottery painting... :-)

Tracy - If that's true, my brain is WELL overdue for the compost heap!!!!!!

Unknown said...

From sins to signs is but a letter. Same with sines but you would need to read trigonometry which would not help the break from reading.

Bruce Johnson said...

The whole SPCA sign is sort of lost on my. I assume it has to do with the image on the right, but I can't see it due to the telephone pole.

Helena said...

Your title reminded me of a song...

Father fished six days a week
He went to church on Sunday
He confessed his sins and then he'd begin
to sin again on Monday

Jill said...

SJ - Funny! None for me thanks on the trig though!

Bruce - Yeah, that one confused my sweet pea too. But there's no additional info behind the pole. I was just commenting on how SPCA says it is "animals best friend". Which just leaves me wondering about the whole "putting to sleep" thing that I'm pretty sure the SPCA does. What kind of best friend does that?

Very catchy Helena! He must have had all kinds of free time... :-)


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